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NUTS! the fanfiction

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Time: 23:13:09
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The Hellish landscape glistened into view over the decaying mountain,the green armor now slicked a dark glistering red, Glowed in the Burning sky, The doom Marine had survived his encounter..but barely

The day began as any other day, The Doom marine woke up from the sweet fields of his hometown, to the cold bitter reality, He regretted his mission on Phobos for a while,The idea he saved a useless rock 
enraged him, His home and family were dead, Devastated by the filthy demons who now seek to end mankind. The doomguy sat up, He slide on his bright green helmet, He had always enjoyed the suite that the
UAC gave him, it was air conditioned and comfortable.He didn't smell too great, but he Didn't mind that too much as he had lost his smell when he first arrived in hell,
the only thing he wish he could lose was the terrible memories that plague his dreams. He was a unstoppable force, For 3 years he had been putting demons down, he was the most skilled Marine to survive the
Hell assault on Phobos, and he went well beyond what was necessary to end the Demons Hold..but failed his planet in the process. Wiping the cold thoughts from his mind he got up, he slung the trusty Double barrel
shotgun over his shoulder and continued walking through the cold Desecrated remains of a Forgotten City. Up ahead through the black clouded sky, a large building Came into place,It's architecture distinctly Metallic,
The doom marine stopped for a moment, staring in curiosity at the strange Metal square building. He slung his shotgun down off his shoulder, cocking the gun open, to his dismay the chamber had 2 used shells in it, 
he quickly ejected them and reached into his ammunition pouch..Empty, Angrily he slung the shotgun over his shoulder again and pulled out his sidearm. The Beretta was scratched and dirty, His Motto which were carved into the barrel of the black pistol, were faded but were still readable: "Egredimini et vicit", the Phrase his great grandpa told him as a child, His dream of growing up to be the most renowned Marine, unfortunately wasn't as glamorous as he had thought.

He tried his best to cock the gun as quite as possible, he slowly made his way to the metallic door. The door through the rusty parts beared the symbol of the UAC,

"Was this a UAC base they set up for the attack?"The doomguy wondered. In the back of his mind he was hoping that the armory was well stocked, He had done a inventory on ammunition back in Arizona, He knew his ammo was low,
But the reality of the situation finally came,
"I'm out of bullets, If there's a armory i have to get to it." he thought.

He had planned on going to his hometown to shut the portal, but due to a high increase in Demon's it was taking longer then he had wanted to get to,Unable to face the thought of fighting hell with no ammo, he silently hit the rusted out button on the side of the door.

The door groaned open, he slowly walked through the dark hallway, Up ahead he could see sunlight glistening off of the metallic surfaces. He stepped out into the large platform and to his horror saw a mass, Flesh and metal mingled together, The whole base was packed to the brim
with Hell spawn.

Thinking quickly he dived to the floor just in time before one of the imps noticed him, Laying face-down to the floor he thought for a moment.

"That is the most hell-spawn I've seen in one area, this must be a holding base." He thought, "If that's the case, this would be a heavy blow to the demon's army" he continued.

rolling over onto his back he looked around, there was bloodstains and mangled corpses strewn around the platform, he noticed many weapons were among the carnage. Quickly he crawled across the blood soaked floor,
grabbing the weapons and holding them tightly, The doomguy was ecstatic to find some proper equipment. He got up a bit, balancing himself on his knees,he was thankful all the guns were cocked and ready to go. 
He clutched the oversize chain-gun, standing up quickly  he spun the barrel of it for good luck and took aim. He saw a straggling Pinky, slightly off from the rest of the demons,It's muscular body facing him. For a split second there eyes met,
Then the doomguy pulled the trigger..

A eruption of gunfire into the unsuspecting Demons ripped through the air, Blood and gore were left in all directions as the doomguy put every last round into the large mass of bodies, Leaving many casualties.
Before the doomguy could react the Chain-gun fell silent, the distinct clicking noise ringing in it's place. The doomguy Threw the chain-gun down and pulled the closest weapon off of his back, The Plasma gun silently pulsed
He dove to the right as a mass of Imp fireballs erupted, Leaving the area he was just standing in a burnt black mess. He quickly looked over the edge of the side of the raised platform, The drop to the floor was a bit high but he had fallen from greater heights before,
He quickly dove over the edge, rolling the whole way as another wave of Imp fireballs Burned the platform. Faced with a ground situation he quickly crouched down to one knee and began firing the Plasma gun in all directions. Vaporizing a dozen imps along the way before he was forced to run,
He saw up ahead the green glow, he quickly ran towards it, A pinky quickly stepped in his way, Unable to stop he quickly ducked. His body slide across the slick metal easily, Sliding perfectly in between the Pinkies Legs and straight into the green floating sphere. The power quickly rushed over

"Boy do i remember you!" he quickly exclaimed as he pulled out his shotgun and started casually blasting Demons and Imps. Walking forward into the crowd he quickly was blasting anything that was moving, A slight waver in his stomach gave the indicator he needed, he quickly ran out of the crowd before the Enhancement wore off.

He remembered when he first encountered the Green sphere back in Hell, Originally designed by the UAC, all the experimental spheres had saved him many times in the past that he had grown a craving to them. The power had given him the confidence he needed to continue slaying the hell-spawn that plagued the earth.
He ran and quickly let off Rocket launcher blasts every so often, laughing as pieces and chunks of the demons were sprayed all over the floor and into the sky. His green suite was now caked in a crimson glaze,
"Shit, i just cleaned this suite too!" he thought quietly as he continued his bloody rampage, Time seemed to stop as he waged his war against the massive army.


The doomguy laid among his fallen enemies, His bright green suite now a dark crimson red which was a reminder to the many hell-spawn he had single-handily defeated, He could barely move, His right arm had been knocked out of socket (and possibly was broken) Blood caked his face, seeing the carnage through his only working eye he stared at the piles of gore he had created.
He felt no remorse for the hell-spawn, Struggling to walk he limped his way to the closest wall. Through clenched teeth he quickly rammed his useless arm into the wall, Pain shot through him as a loud POP! noise, to his happiness his right arm was now functional again. He slung the BFG9000 off his back, attaching it quickly to himself he prepared to touch the button that laid at
the other end of the carnage ocean. A few moments later he finally crossed the bloody pile to the Other side. A glowing Lion's head made of metal sat on a pedestal, he quickly tapped the head and with a resounding crash, the walls in-front of him suddenly began lowering. Through the loud grinding noises he could hear a thousand roars that turned his blood to ice..

"It can't be...I killed that fucking thing a while back!" the doomguy thought.

The unmistakable noise of metallic hydraulics and loud booming noises filled the air, to his utter horror lied a pit, made of Marble, With hundreds of towering Cyberdemons...

The doomguy clenched his teeth at the sight. "I'm going to die.."His thoughts racing as the phrase repeated over and over in his mind.

"NO! NOT TODAY!" the doomguy retorted and with that he let out all the BFG ammo he had on him into the Cyber demon pit..

The Dawning of a new day lit up the Blood stained metal a brilliant Crimson, through the carnage and blood, Lied the Doomguy, his green suit now laid black with ash and dried blood, The doomguy's head tilted slightly as he suddenly jolted up as he regained consciousness,
surrounding him laid the remains of all 100 Cyber-demon, He could taste the blood which covered his whole face.

"I..i survived?" the doomguy thought. The doomguy laughed a wild laugh, he got up on shaky legs, laughing as he waded through the ocean of gore. He approached the glowing button. Pausing a moment he quickly turned around, he saw one of the Imps had survived his slaughter-fest.
The dying Imp crawled slowly, it's mangled torso the only thing left, 2 wiry arms it's only defense. The doomguy stopped a moment and watched the Imp, The doomguy felt something he hadn't felt in a very long time...Remorse.

The doomguy walked up to the Imp, it's burning red eyes met his, He slide the Double barrel Shotgun off his back, cocking it back quickly he steadily aimed it at the mangled Imp.

"SL..AY..ER!"The Imp gasped.
the doomguy paused a moment as he realized the Imp had spoken.

"What did you say?" the Doomguy asked.
the Imp laid Motionless, it's glowing red eyes now turned a deep black.. The doomguy ignored the Dead imp and walked over to the Button, He quickly Pushed the button and walked into the exit.


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To be a story about such a special wad, is very original, you knew how to take advantage of the stage, I had a good read :P

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On 2/15/2020 at 8:34 PM, doomsucksass said:

Reverse Imp Encounter?

Hell no, well yes maybe? but the Imp part was just a cool little part i threw in to explain why Doom 2 gets easier after the Home Levels.

(because the demons got the shit scared out of them after hearing about the NUTS.WAD incident. Thus giving into perfectly the 64 Universe canon.)

Edited by Morpheus666

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26 minutes ago, Morpheus666 said:

Hell no, well yes maybe? but the Imp part was just a cool little part i threw in to explain why Doom 2 gets easier after the Home Levels.

(because the demons got the shit scared out of them after hearing about the NUTS.WAD incident. Thus giving into perfectly the 64 Universe canon.)

Welll....IE was a story based on Doom that got fanart and a wad made out of it later and Nuts was a wad that got fanart and a story made out of it later

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ok yes! ig you could call it that? either way i really liked writing this and have been maybe thinking of writing a sequel for NutsII.wad

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