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best doom 2 mod

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17 hours ago, TheNoob_Gamer said:

The term "best" is very subjective.

Objectively though, Brutal Doom is not the best for sure.

Agreed. Anyways, I really like the Action Doom anthology :b

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5 hours ago, VGA said:

Smooth Doom is very good, I love mods that don't change the base gameplay too much.


But noone mentioned Final Doomer+ ? Seriously? Also, Dead Marine is cool.

yeah I would expect more people to mention that

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Hmm hard list.

Eviternity it's a top one 
Return to Saturn
Alien Accenst
Sythe I and II (those egyptian maps are memorable)
No end in Sigth
Hell on Earth Mappack
There it's more but that the one i mostly fond-

Gameplay wise
Brutal Doom v21


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