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this system is to its knees. one reason it is never taken care of and another is it is left on ALL the time! i am talking about my dad's system. it use to not run this bad, infact at one point it ran very well. and that was when it only had 32mb ram, and a p133, now it has 64 mb ram and a AMD233. everthing runs slow, even simple things like IE and out look come up slow. the main board is probably about shot, but it could be the hard drive too. scandsik always gives me bad sectors and such. i am surprised because this thing has taken this abuse sence 1996

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well i havea new(er) computer, this is my dad's. seeing that he only cares about his drugs, if u saw the house, he refuses to spend eve 65 on a new case(i have spanking new parts just need a case). right now i go to IM someone useing his AOL, and the IM thing will not even work! now i know AOL is shit but damn!

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Lose the crackhead, and you'll be fine.

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