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Super Mario 64 Doom With 13 Playable Characters [v4]

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                                                                              ~Super Mario 64 Doom~



Now the mod has more of a total conversion feel to it. The classic weapons had sprite and sound replacements. There are now 13

playable characters, and merely by changing the player skin will their special moves be usable, and you can even while in game.


A lot of player bugs were fixed (as noted below) and the mod was tested online successfully on ZDaemon with all playable characters working.


There is a text file in the zip which contains the mod scripts that are in each map, in case anybody would like to add some maps

using these texture resources as well as their own.


The new map (map05) has a special polyobject effect which I have not seen in any other wad, but is very reminiscent of the Mario 64

map 'Whomp's Fortress'. A variation of the standard disappearing / reappearing 3D bridge found in map01.


                                                                                (13 total Player Characters)



Newest Updates:



-Added 7 new player characters. Player characters list is now:
            1 - Mario
            2 - Donkey Kong
            3 - Kart Bowser
            4 - Kart Toad
            5 - Kart Yoshi
            6 - Link
            7 - Luigi
            8 - Mr. Game & Watch
            9 - Pikachu
            10 - Princess Peach
            11 - Sonic
            12 - Waluigi
            13 - Wario

-Player fixes:
            -Player jump, pain and special attack sprite things
                         are now positioned correctly onto the player's movement,
                         and also added the NOBLOCKMONST flag to them so now they
                         do not get stuck on monster block lines nor go off the screen.
            -Now first person mode view is less obstructed by the player
                         sprite things.
            -Removed player color translations.
            -Fixed Luigi Long Jump special double jumping in mid air.
            -Player standing animation changer now checks if player is off of ground
             along with speed being more than 0.
            -Added unique wall press and falling sounds for player characters (falling
             sounds only made in GZDoom).
            -Fixed Super Star Powerup sometimes not giving player invulnerability effect.
            -Now the player can pickup coins and items while on the Player Spiny Shell
             or Player Cloud.
            -Added player character specific powerup sounds.
            -Final super star moments now translate special player sprites.
            -Set player corpses to stay instead of disappear.

-Map fixes:
            -Updated maps 01 and 05 with new sectors.
            -Added more things to Special stages.

-Added the SM64 style health HUD graphic.

-Fixed Red Piranha Plant Weapon (Shotgun), Green Piranha Plant Weapon (Super Shotgun) sprites.

-Changed Big Bullet Bill Launcher weapon sprites.

-Changed Mario head graphics in status bar.

-Lowered Blue / Red Magikoopa projectile damage to 2.



-Fixed Luigi Long Jump special's thrust angle not being straight at high speed.

-Fixed Kart Yoshi's Boost special's thrust angle not being straight at high speed.

-Fixed player standing animation being stuck after pain state until shooting weapon.



-Fixed player standing animation duration.


New Maplist (TBA):


map01 - First Map Of The Mario Mod
map02 - Specal Stage 1
map03 - Castle 64
map04 - Specal Stage 2
map05 - Kart Track
map06 - Specal Stage 3
map07 - World 1-1
map08 - Specal Stage 4
map09 - UNNAMED
map10 - Specal Stage 5
map11 - Wrong Castle
map12 - Specal Stage 6
map13 - Mario 64 Winter Map
map14 - Specal Stage 7
map15 - Ghost Town
map16 - Specal Stage 8
map17 - Another Kart Track
map18 - Specal Stage 9
map19 - Mario 64 Sand Map
map20 - Specal Stage 10
map21 - Night Map
map22 - Specal Stage 11
map23 - Bowser's Castle
map24 - Specal Stage 12
map25 - Final Battle





GZDoom Kart Bowser / Kart Toad car sounds fix:


In script 101, under the comment '//Kart Bowser, Toad and Yoshi Player Character', replace the second 'if statement':


if (playerCharacter[playerTID-5000] == 4)




if ((playerCharacter[playerTID-5000] == 2)|(playerCharacter[playerTID-5000] == 3)|(playerCharacter[playerTID-5000] == 4))


Be sure to have 'classic dropoff' and 'classic blast physics' cvars disabled.



V3 (4/27/2020): http://www.mediafire.com/file/7w8h4k16d926tr7/Super_Mario_64_Doom_v4.zip/file


Older Versions:

V3 (3/22/2020): http://www.mediafire.com/file/n41skuc5aaf17y3/Super_Mario_64_Doom_v3.zip/file

V2 (3/5/2020): https://www.mediafire.com/file/558jaws7as38szp/Super_Mario_64_Doom_v2.zip/file

V1 (2/13/2020): http://www.mediafire.com/file/446m08e5uzruojn/Super_Mario_64_Doom.zip/file

Edited by yorivdood

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Hey, cute little tech demo! It's very janky but also very impressive, Especially with how you have the health system and triple jump working. Thought I'd give you a bit of advice as a friend brought up how you seem to be mostly using resources (I presume as placeholders) from his old SDM remaster: First off, I'm not sure what version of G/ZDoom you are testing this with, But GZDoom has advanced a lot further with the usage of ZScript and a few other trinkets. I think you may be using either an outdated editor (which in this case, You are better off upgrading to SLADE) just because all the assets seem to be converted to Doom Pallete. the latest ZDoom and GZDoom allow for true color PNGs which is pretty much the norm for most modern mods these days. ZScript is something I especially reccomend looking into as it could help your stomping mechanics feel a lot less janky and more Mario-ish. 



Aside from that, If there is anything that I think may help: I just want to say you can use resources or code from an old player replacement mod I was making.



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Hi, thanks for the reply and opinion. I used ACS only so that it is compatible with both dehacked and Decorate.


Zscript can indeed be used for more functionality, but I have fixed the mario walking issue found in GZDoom. You can even try it, just add these lines under the MarioPlayer's See block in the DECORATE lump:

    PLAY F 6 Bright
    Goto Spawn
    PLAY F 6
    Goto Spawn
    Goto Spawn



Edited by yorivdood

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I appreciate all of your assistance in creating this mod. Due credits were included in the update posted above.

Edited by yorivdood

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Hi. I don't mean to cause a ruckus, but I find this update to be more unique than the previous (final, FINAL thread bump by me for this mod!). Please give it a go whenever possible. Thanks!

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On 8/20/2021 at 11:43 PM, Mario123 said:

this doom mod is lost media somebody has a copy of this plis reupload it

Not anymore it isn't

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