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I'd rather watch than play Doom 2016 for the eye candy alone

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I did play Doom 2016 back in the day, and I loved the gorgeous detail and the eye candy in id Tech 6 (I've always loved graphics engines in games) although I found the gameplay to be a bit too frenetic for my liking, and I hated facing off against the bosses, especially the Spider Mastermind at the end. I only managed to complete it once, and all of this was on the EASIEST difficulty, mind. I guess I'm not much of a hardcore gamer.


But when YouTube quality is so high these days and videos like this are available to watch the gorgeous visuals and to revel in the carnage without doing any work, then why not just watch the game instead? I might go down this route for Doom Eternal!



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Im not a fan of watching games, IF im sharing control or keyboard if my friends and i until death. 

Im living in a country where it's really expensive to play almost all newer games, but i don't like to watch the levels per see only cinematics or small bits of the gameplay. Because the fun of the game it's to play it yourself, inmerse yourself in the game, and i can't really do that if other dude it's playing the game.

Also, not big deal to play in a easy difficulty.

But for rewatch a game that i already played, it's good if im recalling a good memory or call back, and maybe go a install again the game. Or if a funny gameplay channel, where i can conect to that type of gameplay but not be 100% inmersed of the game (Game Grumps it's the one for me)

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2 hours ago, Foebane72 said:

and all of this was on the EASIEST difficulty, mind. I guess I'm not much of a hardcore gamer.


Just a reminder that games exist for the purpose of entertainment.

The purpose of the difficulty setting is to increase immersion and enjoyment by engaging you at your level of skill, whatever that may be.

I always play at the lowest difficulty, unless it becomes so easy that even I'm bored, then I turn it up (especially in a game like Doom, that lets you switch mid-level)

I know you had other reasons for disliking it, but I played through Doom 16 on the easiest difficulty and found it very fun. I've started an Ultra-Violence playthrough since I understand the game a bit more now.


As for the main subject, depends on what mood im in. I've gone through long periods of playing games, just watching games, or not paying any attention to video games whatsoever.

Doom is a great looking game and watching it can be a great time.

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