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Individual music tracks for Episode 4?


I've made my own metal music pack consisting of several musicians' covers. All through the Slade editor.

And each level has its own cover that I thought would fit that particular level theme.

I wanted to do the same with EP4, but it seems to reuse tracks that I had previously added.

I can't simply name a new track D_E4M1-9, so that it would play on any EP4 level.


Is their a way I could make this work, or am I just gonna have deal with what I have?


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Throught the MAPINFO lump of G/L/ZDOOM you can specify any music for any map you want, even for E4 maps.

But i tried changing the music of E4 in Slade simply naming it from D_E4M1 to D_E4M9 and it worked just fine.
Take in consideration that this only work in source ports from crispy to more advanced ports.
In chocolate Doom and in vanilla/dosbox doom it is impossible to change E4 music, it will reuse the music of some previous maps. So, consider this in advance if you want to go for this approach.

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