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Weird texture HOM thing.


I've been working on this map on and off for the last few months and I recently added a small section where you interact with a computer (some tagged linedefs with a computer texture) and it lowers this section in the room revealing a keycard and a hell knight which are placed on a sector that's raised slightly above the floor... and that sector has a sort of Hall of Mirrors effect for some reason and I don't know how to fix it.


I've provided a few screenshots which should hopefully help.


The map is in DOOM II format.





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Looks like the linedefs around the raised section are missing lower textures.


If I'm interpreting your map correctly, you just need to assign back-side lower textures to the linedefs in the inner square. They're not visible when the map starts so DoomBuilder won't flag them as missing - it doesn't know that they will be visible later once the outer sector lowers.


Like this:




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