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Teleporting at Z height

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So I'm now trying to get a teleporter to send the player to a 3D floor at Z height. Not having any luck, despite trying a ton of different approaches.


The odd thing is that I can get the teleporter to send the player underwater, but not at a higher level.


I read that you have to use one of the other teleporter objects... I've tried them all. Only difference is that some will have the player pop in midair, then he'll fall to the ground. Makes it feel like he's appearing in between the ground and the 3D floor, never on the 3D floor itself.


I am attaching a small wad as an example.


What am I doing wrong??


EDIT: I changed the attached file. The original started working after I fixed the height to match the dummy sector's ceiling (I'd mistakenly set it to the floor). Which didn't make any sense, since in my main map I had those settings right and it doesn't work. So I modified this test map to match exactly all the heights from my main map and... sure enough! it stops working!!! Could it be because the platform is too high? Or maybe because the ground is using a negative value?? Any ideas?




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The height is relative to the floor. I mean, you can even see in visual mode that the teleport destination is not on the 3D floor.

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3D stuff don't show in Slade, sadly. But that's good to know, thank you! I thought it had to do with negative values, as setting the ground to 0 did fix it, but your explanation makes it make more sense. Though I feel that's probably making it more complicated than it could/should be... not very intuitive at least.


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