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Doom: Penthouse Paradise [Remake of Duke Nukem 3D map]

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This was a really fun modern zdoomy-type wad.


Despite having just 45 enemies, I spent about 20 minutes on this map and was never bored. Visually it looks great, obviously using mostly Duke 3D resources. All of the shootable objects, shootable mirrors, shootable toilets and such from Duke 3D work just as they should in this wad as well. I particularly loved how convincingly the multi-story layout works, and the swimmable water just feels so nice (it's so rare that Doom maps I played have swimmable water that it's almost like automatic bonus points for me).


I've never played the original Duke version of this map, but I feel I don't really need to now - this adds all the best bits of Duke into Doom, but since Doom generally is more stable and has better game feel, it's the best of both worlds.


My only complaints are stuff that applies more to Duke in general, so I don't blame this map in any way - stuff like girls just standing around, calmly, waiting to give you a peep show while you just slaughter zombies in front of them - it makes them seem more like sex dolls that give you health, which is pretty damn funny. Combined with their sort of "plastic" like appearance (think of the Doom64 sprites) it's just hilarious. Again, this is a direct holdover from Duke.


There was some random pr0n on some screens, most of it tame, but the largest one by far was also the most X-rated by far. Porn in Doom/Duke maps has been around since damn near the dawn of mapping, so it's nothing new. I could do without it, but it also don't bother me none.


The ending where the girls are all hiding in fear of the Cyberdemon until just after you kill him was very goofy and very satisfying, I really liked that.


Again, I never played the original, but I really enjoyed this version. Hopefully a few more people give you some feedback!

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Thank you very much, @Doomkid! I'm really glad that you liked my effort to bring and "save" Duke mechanics here.


BTW, in next update (which will patch some visual bugs) I'm going to increase the amount of enemies here. But it would be 50-55 enemies, not so big difference from the v1.0

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  • "Suggestive" content throughout the wad, can't complain.
  • Interacting with women gives you HP.
  • The Chick with the Space Marine Helmet, nuff' said
  • Interesting. enjoyable. funny. and challenging.



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I've updated the mod! Fixed few bugs, added few things. Still can be played with any weapon/monster mod.


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Wow, when you said "graphic content" I wasn't expecting ALL that. These are like, several steps over Duke 3D's "graphic content". It was very funny for how unexpected that was.


The level was really fun, especially the exploration. All the interaction is really neat.

Some issues I had were that I often bumped into the environment, for most areas are very cramped. Once, I even got stuck in a door and had to do some weird maneuvers to free myself. At least I didn't get crushed, as I would in an actual Build game, heh.


The gameplay itself wasn't a big deal -- it wasn't challenging nor fast-paced, nor highly dynamic like Duke Nukem 3D's, but it wasn't bad. Some custom monsters and weapons could have helped, but the only two used in the level felt out of place. I think that's partially fine for this project only features one very short level.

The Plasma Gun was unnecessary for all but the Cybie, and about that, the sudden ending was unexpected; I don't mind it personally, but some folks might have preferred to stick around to explore more, and then finished off with an auto-destruct button when they were sure they were done with it.


Visually it's interesting, but has some minor texture misalingments, mostly seen in slopes, and some walls had abrupt transitions for texture changes.


Overall it was very enjoyable to play. I only wish it were longer, or that it had more levels, and were a bit more polished.


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