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Lookin' for some Metal/Rock music

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I love Rock music (Mike Krol anyone?) but I've been needing to get into Metal, I'm a complete Newbie to Metal (Ironic considering I'm a Doom fan) and I'm looking for some good Metal of any kind. (whether it be Indie Metal, Death Metal, Norwegian Metal or just plain and simple Metal) 


However I'm also looking for some Rock bands to listen to, they can be of any kind and of any popularity status.


I love music but damn is it hard finding anything worth while in a sea full of modern Pop and modern Rap garbage.

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For me, getting into metal was an incremental process over time...

I think I probably started with Sepultura's Roots:



Then Six Feet Under got me into death metal:



And now my favorite band, and my name is in homage to, is Immolation:



But the depths of underground and extreme metal is endless! So many good bands and releases with so many styles. :)

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Well, the classics are classics for a reason, so that's always a good place to start.


Black Sabbath is unbelievably influential.  Any of their first six albums are classics in their own right, but Paranoid or Master of Reality are probably the two you should start with.


Taking Doom as a starting point you can take a look at some of the CDs that were clearly in the stack Romero handed to Bobby Prince to copy, like Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power (their best album and an absolute classic, plus a lot of riffs will be familiar).

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I could maybe suggest a different approach, because I very specifically did not begin with the classic bands, rather I found a style I particularly liked, which was on the more unconventional side. For me it was Symphonic power metal, really the first proper metal band I got into was Nightwish, and it was a couple of years before they released Once which was probably the album where they hit big. And things kind of extended from there, going with "this band is like this band" and so on, so in the earlier days for me it was Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation, Xandria, then Epica, that led to Kamelot and I guess around then I got into more power metal type stuff, Rhapsody (of Fire), Stratovarius, Symphony X, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, among others. Eventually now in my 30s I started moving on from bands when I just didn't feel the same things about them anymore, and there was a definite shift, and now its more progressive, melodic death and doom metal, for me it feels like a natural progression because there's still a lot of common elements. But yeah, I by no means would say don't listen to the old stuff, I was into Iron Maiden and Judas Priest for a while (never really big on thrash though, I find it honestly kind of empty) but I see no reason not to point out an album that just came out and say "this is great" - I'll put some recommendations in the spoiler tags, all from 2019. 




This album took me back a lot because of its emphasis on having the orchestra and stirring vocals, and this song in particular, although the whole album varies more than this song suggests. 




Voyager's definitely one of the more mellow bands I really like, but still know their way around a good crushing riff 





Celtic folk death metal. Just a lot of fun I think. 




If you asked me, who are red hot, who are killing it every new album, who really sings the songs in my soul right now, its In Mourning. Melodeath, Doom, and even some thrash, but all done with such a great eye (or ear) for composition. 


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Here is a few bands that I like in the rock / hard rock / blues rock, alt rock genres. Trying to list stuff you may not of heard and probably won't be mentioned on here among all the metal stuff! ;)


  • Blues Traveler
  • Bryan Adams
  • R.E.M.
  • The Cars
  • Midnight Oil
  • Def Leppard (High N Dry album is awesome)
  • Muse
  • J. Geils Band
  • Airbourne
  • Collective Soul
  • Our Lady Peace
  • Blue Rodeo
  • Kings X
  • Joe Satriani
  • The Powder Blues
  • Monster Magnet
  • Finger Eleven
  • Grand Funk Railroad
  • Helix
  • Steve Vai
  • The Fixx
  • George Thorogood
  • Georgia Satellites
  • INXS
  • Gin Blossoms
  • Honeymoon Suite
  • I Mother Earth
  • Jethro Tull
  • The Black Crowes
  • Killer Dwarfs
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • The Tea Party


As for metal, I love me some..

  • Iron Maiden
  • Megadeth
  • Amon Amarth
  • Sirenia
  • Epica
  • Within Temptation
  • Anthrax
  • Slayer
  • Machine Head
  • Mercyful Fate
  • Falconer
  • Martyr
  • Sabaton
  • Mastodon
  • Sonata Arctica


Ah time to go hunting in the kitchen...




Edited by Doom_Dude

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Sometimes when modern is too modern, go back. 


I like Metallica - the stuff in their greatest hits is top motch,

slipknot, suicide silence, and dethklok (most songs from these are pretty good imo)

as far as metal goes, there of course is more but that should get ya started. 


Now my views on rock are a little convuluted according to people I didn't ask, but here ya go:


Ninja sex party - they've done several covers of rock songs(see: under the covers 1-3) as well as their own originals(probably my favorite being attitude city) 


System of a down: nonsensical lyrics with killer instrumentals. Think nirvana on steroids.  Check out byob, chop suey, atwa, and my personal favorite : pizza pie


Voltaire: see cannibal buffet, ex lover's lover, Anastasia, almost humam


Depeche mode - enjoy the silence is my favorite 


All American rejects - gives you hell


Gorillaz - dare, on meloncholy hil, Clint Eastwood, feel good inc


Panic at the disco - ballad of Mona Lisa, emporors new clothes


Alice in chains - we die young


Admittedly I listen to more old school nowadays, but I enjoy them more... 

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1 hour ago, ReeseJamPiece said:

I love music but damn is it hard finding anything worth while in a sea full of modern Pop and modern Rap garbage.


If you know the right places to look, it very much isn't. This applies to pretty much every genre out there, but seeing as I'm most familiar with metal, I can safely say that there is so much good stuff out in the wild waiting to be discovered. One look at Bandcamp will tell you that. As for where to begin: I started with prog/power metal and some other relatively accessible stuff (Symphony X primarily, though Doom_Dude's list has some solid picks that I'd recommend as well), then progressively worked my way up into harsher territories, which at least IMO is where the most interesting material resides.

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My starter into Heavy metal went like this:




Linkin Park




Marilyn Manson







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My personal favorite is Tool, and yes I know they have the worst fans who say they're the best band ever so I don't want to be like them.


But, they are super f*ing good, if you like their particular style which is melodic, ethereal, tribal, and progressive. I feel that Lateralus delivers a sort of Dark Side of the Moon-esque experience, but more grungy and hard-hitting.

There's so much variety of course - I started out with more punk-ish bands like System of a Down, but have also enjoyed stuff that's way more off-the-cliff than bands like Tool... my friend showed me a lot of doom (lol) and stoner metal such as Sun, O, and High on Fire

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30 minutes ago, zaszthedestroyer said:

Depeche mode - enjoy the silence is my favorite


Really like those guys too. I bought a couple of their CD's last year in a thrift store. Music For The Masses and Exciter.


23 minutes ago, RonnieJamesDiner said:


It's very seldom I come across another fan of Monster Magnet, they're an extremely underrated group.


They seem to be one of those bands I kinda forget about and then I suddenly want to listen to kinda thing... or the 20,000 songs I have on shuffle on here decides to play them and I go, fuck yeah Monster Magnet! :D

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Oh boy, recommendations thread it seems :D *puts knee-high leather boots on*


Extreme metal is my favorite by far and large, so beware that that's what I'm going to recommend primarily here.


Also wall of text incoming:


Darkspace, Immolation, Incantation, Nefarium, Infernal, Thorns, Gevurah, Blaze of Perdition, Dodecahedron, Hertroertzen, Antaeus, Ancient Rites, Bathory, Aosoth, Antediluvian, Pseudogod, Beherit, Benediction, Blasphemy, Nocturnal, Nocternity, Nokturnal Mortum, Lychgate, Akercocke, Ophthalamia, Abigor, Aaskereia, Burzum, Bloodhammer, Hyperion, Craft, Impaled Nazarene, Pest (Finland), Emperor, Purtenance, Desecresy, Desultory, Deeds of Flesh, Carnage, Carbonized, Disembowelment, Elyzian Blaze, Ondskapt, Ouroboros, Beyond Creation, Gorguts, Gorefest, Centinex, Demonical, Crematory, Rippikoulu, Rienaus, Nargaroth, Limbonic Art, Lord Belial, Brutality, Demonaz, Immortal, Schrat, Cruciamentum, Cianide, Hooded Menace, Adversvm, Drastus, Slugathor, Sodom, Angel Witch, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Celtic Frost, Tryptikon, Dead Congregation, Teitanblood, Rotting Christ, Skeletonwitch, Nifelheim, Death Fetishist, Negative Plane, Templum Anima Morti, Thy Darkened Shade, Morbus Chron, Corpus Mortale, Horrendous, Hornwood Fell, Odraza, A.M.S.G, Kenosis, Shrine of Insanabilis, Plebeian Grandstand, God Dethroned, Denial of God, Ascension, Hellvetic Frost, Svartrit, Morpheus Descends, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Grave, Hypocrisy, Morbid, Morta Skuld, Ominous Shrine, Devathorn, Thorns, Suffering Hour, Martrod, Skogen, Fjortsvartnir, (old) Dimmu Borgir, Insomnium, Amorphis, (old) In Flames, VI, Lvcifyre, Awe, Deathspell Omega, Streams of Blood, Aoratos, Dumal, Clandestine Blaze, Celestial Bloodshed, Svartidaudi, Mispyrming, Aptorian Demon, One Tail One Head, Falls of Rauros, Chaos Invocation, Saor, Keep of Kalessin, Helrunar, Akhlys, NEDXXX, Altar of Perversion, Black Witchery, Slaughter Messiah, Agalloch, Solstafir, Woods of Ypres, Drudkh, Primordial, Lunar Aurora, Graupel, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Severoth, Morok (Ukraine), Galdr, The Moaning, Blodsrit, Manegarm, Waldschrat, Thyrfing, Qayin Regis, Bloodstone, Enthroned, Enslaved, Ad Nauseam, Argonavis, Throane, Skaphe, Devouring Star, Wallachia, Selbst, Nattesol, Myrkgrav, Phobocosm, Sinmara, Mystifier, Mysticum, Saturnus, Katharsis, Utumno, Moonsorrow, Darkestrah, Winterfylleth, Waldgeflüster, Kvist, Antimateria, Belenos, Negura Bunget, Goatchrist, Neo Inferno 262, Elderblood, Mysteriarch, Tormentor, Goatmoon, Skyforger, Mork, Bloodline, Daemonian, Black Horizons, Dark Ages, Unlight, Amestigon, Krater, Unceremonial, Frozen Shadows, Timor et Tremor, Nirvana 2002, Vallenfyre, Carpe Noctem, Audn, Flagellant, Interitus, Árstíðir lífsins, Waldschrat, Black Lotus, Fimbulwinter, Finntroll, Menhir, Totenwache, Arkhtinn, Depravity, Cenotaph, Order of Orias, Havukruunu, Bestia Arcana, Eternity, Inquisition, Thy Serpent, StarGazer, Progenie Terrastre Pura, Merrimack, Ulver, Dodsengel, Dodheimnsgard, Crystal Age, Cosmic Church, Darkthrone, Funeral Mist, Dark Funeral, Marduk, Nekromantheon, The Everdawn, Liers in Wait, Repugnant, Edge of Sanity, Debauchery, Aborted, Napalm Death, Mordicus, (old) Abruptum, Molested (Sweden), Gormathon, Apophis (Germany), Mgla, Abyssal, Blood Incantation, Dysangelium, Nightbringer, Fides Inversa, Sorhin, Entrails, Entombed, Pestilence, Carcass, Convulse, Cynic, Therion, Sinister, Smothered, Lustre, Luror, Thornium, Morgoth, Dismember, Emyn Muil, Carach Angren, Summoning, Crimson Moon, Sortilegia, Thantifaxath, Acrimonious, Borgne, Caladan Brood, Gorgoroth, Arsis, Necrophagist, Death, Unleashed, Ungod, Urfaust, Prosternatur, Ancient Moon, Bolt Thrower, Vomitory, Autopsy, Fleshcrawl, Hail of Bullets, Funebrarum, Vreid, Jungle Rot, Obituary, God Macabre, Disma, Revel in Flesh, Krypts, Vader, Interment, At the Gates, Grave Miasma, Necros Christos, Venenum, Sulphur Aeon, Nominon, Tribulation, Malevolent Creation, Nocturnus, Possesed, Hate Eternal, Vital Remains, Luciferion, Treblinka, Grotesque, Death Strike, Timeghoul, Zyklon-B, Incubus/Opprobrium, Cancer (UK), Sabbat (Japan), Abigail (Japan), Suffocation, (old) Sepultura, Chapel of Disease, Absu, Djevel, Thanatos, Merciless, Imperial Triumphant, Atrocity, Nucleus, Chthe'ilist, Disincarnate, Thorr's Hammer, Cenotaph (France), Demigod, Sarcasm, Inverloch, Evoken, Spectral Voice, Cartilage (Finland), Cryonic, Hellhammer, Mayhem, Cadaveric Fumes, Dodsfall, Desaster, Destroyer 666, Bal-Sagoth, HammerFall, Numenor, Falkenbach, Dark Fortress, Vinterland, Moonsorrow, Moonspell, Odium, Vargrav, Ceremonial Castings, Evilfeast, Antimateria, Thou Art Lord, Venom, Samael, Sarcofago, Aura Noir, Slaughter Lord, Demoncy, Bulldozer, Coroner, Paradise Lost, Kreator, Nunslaughter, Varathron, Raventale, Ravencult, Midnight, Toxic Holocaust, Die Hard (Sweden), Clandestine Blaze, Midnight Odyssey, (old) Tiamat, Sentences, Dark Tranquility, Nazgul (Italy), Moonblood, Graveland, Judas Iscariot, Vlad Tepes, Belketre, Nastrond, Sargeist, Diabolical Masquerade, Arkona, Kampfar, Besatt, Baptism, Satanic Warmaster, Behemoth, Behexen, Setherial, Tsjuder, Urgehal, Krypt, Taake, Gehenna, Dissection, Deus Mortem, Thunderbolt, Triumphator, Abazagorath, Mare, Azazel, Grafvitnir, Sacramentum, Noenum, Thulcandra, Naglfar, Nagelfar, Necrophobic, Dawn (Sweden), Unanimated, Mork Gryning, Orcustus, Wolves in the Throne Room, Musta Surma, Azaghal, Old Funeral, Armagedda, Arckanum, Svartsyn, Ofermod, Domgard, Macabre Omen, Mephorash, Valkyrja, Arcturus, Blut Aus Nord, Covenant (aka The Kovenant), Sigh, Cultes des Ghoules, Tormentor (Hungary), Monstrosity, Adramelech, The Chasm, Domains (Spain), Azarath, Solstice, Bodyfarm, Banished, Baphomet, Sorcery, Deathevokation, Uncanny, Wombbath, Excruciate, Abhorrence, Protector, Dark Angel, Morbid Saint, Krabathor, Runemagick, Memoriam, Ataraxy, Nile, War Master, Pantera, Opeth, Ragnarok, Carpathian Forest, Kvalvaag, Beastcraft, Kaosritual (also see Dark Sonority), Krieg, Corpus Christii, Svarttjern, Massemord, Grav, The Black, Old Man's Child, Irkallian Oracle, Ancient, Gates of Ishtar, Havok, Belphegor, Suicidal Angels, Hades (Almighty), Asagraum, Isengard, Temple of Baal, Rebirth of Nefast, Thy Primordial, Archgoat, Battle Dagorath, Lunar Aurora, Dark Forest, Parabellum, Almyrkvi, Hate, Melechesh, Dire Omen, Uada, Amestigon, Witchaven, Von, Profanatica, Witchery, Vektor, Bifrost, Root, Astarte, Perversor, Belial (Finland), Bestial Summoning, Baxaxaxa, Alghazanth, Decomposed, Gorement, Golem, Thergothon, Skepticism, Ahab, Katatonia, November's Doom, Kalmah, Borknagar, Vanhelgd, Revenant, Ketzer, Unholy (Finland), Poison (Germany), Atheist, Artillery, Annihilator, Onslaught, Verdunkein, Interitus, Cryfemal, Muert, Borgne, Exorcist, Dream Death, Born for Burning, Kataxu, Arfsynd, Grift, Zhrine, Terra Tenebrosa, Myrkr, Darktimes, Denouncement Pyre, Krallice, Cryptic Wanderings, Mysticism Black, Ominous Shrine, Amon, Aethyrick, Benighted in Sodom, Altar of Plagues, Manetheren, Nadra, Grifteskymfning, Acerbitas, Draug, Grav.


That's all that comes to mind right now. What? I wasn't kidding that a wall of text was coming, and there's still more that is skipping me right now :p.


Some samples. Happy listening ;) . Hopefully nothing is repeating, keeping track of things can sometimes be a pain in walls of text lol.




Edited by seed : Few more goodies.

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3 hours ago, ReeseJamPiece said:

I love music but damn is it hard finding anything worth while in a sea full of modern Pop and modern Rap garbage.

Listen enough metal, and you'll find it increasingly hard finding anything worth while in a sea full of modern Metal.


Darkthrone was right. Modern metal, I don't give a fuck... Ooh, I was raised on Rock.


On the subject of heavier forms of rock. Check out Daughters' You Won't Get What You Want. Rock that hits harder than most metal bands.

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Here are a few fine selections...


-Alice In Chains (RIP Layne) 

-Soul Remnants

-Thy Art Is Murder

-Impending Doom


-Living Sacrifice

-High On Fire



-Lamb of God

-Demon Hunter

-Cannibal Corpse


-Becoming The Archetype




-Infant Annihilater



Edited by ASON-Z-

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You already have more recommendations than you can possibly need lol.


But here are some fusion bands I like:

Celldweller (metal & electronica)

Skindred (metal & reggae)

Porcupine Tree (prog metal)

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4 hours ago, ReeseJamPiece said:

I'm looking for some good Metal

I got you. Some of my favorite:

  • Dream Theater
  • Liquid Tension Experiment
  • Pagan's Mind (my fav band ever)
  • Opeth
  • Mastodon
  • Tremonti
  • Dragonforce
  • Obsidian Tide
  • Megadeth
  • Metallica
  • Coheed and Cambria
  • Tool

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I want to mention my personal favourite: The Killers.


They've only done 5 albums so far but wowza are they a fantastic rock band. If you have ever heard "Mr Brightside", you know The Killers. (or at least 1 song by them).

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48 minutes ago, Nevander said:

Pagan's Mind (my fav band ever)


Good band, one I've had in my library for a while now.


@seed - you don't beat around the bush do you? You could kill a man with that much metal :P 

Edited by hybridial

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Lot of good recs in this thread, let me throw out a few of my faves:


A Band of Orcs - "Adding Heads to the Pile" (Fantasy death metal, the dudes performed in-character in orc costumes)

Hexen - "State of Insurgency" (Some good thrash; one song in this album is based off Doom, I'll let you guess which :P)

Malevolent Creation - "Dead Man's Path" (Floridian death metal)

Eternal Champion - "Armor of Ire" (some cool old-school sounding power metal that came out a few years ago)

Dream Evil - "Dragonslayer" (Super cheesy Swedish power metal)

Overkill - "The Years of Decay" (Someone already said Overkill, but I fucking love this album)

Oxygen Destroyer - "Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death" (Thrashy death metal based on Godzilla)

GWAR - "Bloody Pit of Horror" "America Must be Destroyed" (No one's posted GWAR yet? For shame, DW.)

Megadeth - "Rust in Peace" "Youthanasia" (again, someone already said Megs but I FUCKING LOVE THESE ALBUMS)

A Sound of Thunder - "Tales from the Deadside" (Concept album based on the 2013 Shadowman comics. Amazing female singer)

zYnthetic - "SoundtracK For the Apocalypse" (Atmospheric industrial, essentially the soundtrack to Killing Floor, remixed, and with some extra tracks)

Troglodyte - "Welcome to Boggy Creek" (BIGFOOT METAL)

Probot - "Probot" (Dave Grohl's side project where he got a different singer for every song)


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Some Indonesian death metal stuff that might interest you. There's a lot of good bands in the scene to check out, but here are some songs to start with.


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Here's a list of some of my favorite bands with my favorite albums attached.


Heavy Metal

-Iron Maiden(Honestly, all their albums are pretty good, my personal favorites are Number of the Beast, Powerslave and Somewhere in Time just to name a few)

-Accept(Balls to the Wall is probably their best album, honestly haven't listened to much of their other albums)

-Dio(Holy Diver and The Last in Line are really good)

-Judas Priest(British Steel,Screaming for Vengeance,Defenders of the Faith,Ram it down and Painkiller are my personal favorites)

-Anvil(Metal on Metal is pretty much it.)

-Grimreaper(See you in Hell, See no Evil and Rock you to Hell)

-Saxon(Pretty much only listened to Denim and Leather so I cant say much for their other work)

-Black Sabbath(I liked Paranoid, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Heaven and Hell, other than that I cant say much else)

-Airbourne(Breaking out of Hell, Runnin' Wild)



-Metallica(Kill 'em all, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets ...and Justice for all, are all worth listening to)

-Overkill(The Years of Decay and Horroscope were good imo)

-Megadeth(Peace Sells...but who's Buying?, So far so good so what,Rust in Peace and Count down to Extinction)

-Anthrax(Spreading the Disease, Among the Living and Persistence of Time are all good)

-Exodus(Bonded by Blood,pleasure of the Flesh and Fabulous disaster)

-Annihilator(Allison Hell)

-Slayer(Reign in Blood, South of Heaven. There are probably other good ones but those are the only ones that I've listened too)

-S.O.D(Speak English or Die, shouldn't be taken too seriously)

-Exciter(Heavy Metal Maniac)

-Xentrix(For Who's Advantage?)



-Helloween(Keeper of the Seven Keys Part one and two)

-Sabaton(The art of War, Last stand)


-Riot(Narita, Thundersteel)

-Wizard(Bound by Metal)

-Hammerfall(Crimson Thunder, Renegade)

-Edguy(Theater of Salvation)

-Gammray(Sigh no More,Heading for Tomorrow)



These are the genres I frequent the most so I cant really say much for the other genres but hopefully this gives you somethings to look into


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5 hours ago, Maximum Matt said:

Aw hell no


I liked some of his earlier albums. Not sure about anything post 80's.

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I am somewhat disappointed by the lack of mention of Fates Warning in this thread. I have never heard a more consistent band in terms of quality of music even following a (sub)genre shift. Some fans will say they like their earlier, Power Metal stuff and others argue their later Progressive Metal stuff is better. For me, I say, "why not both?".


Earlier Fates Warning:



Later Fates Warning:



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