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Tell me bad wads to play

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Hello so i want to play very bad or bad wads

so give me a link to the wad



no terry wads

no virus

no direct links except google direct links

so yeah bye

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On 1/28/2013 at 4:28 PM, Grazza said:

Really crappy stupid annoying ideas: Andy's WAD (in a twisted way I kind of liked this one though)
Just miserably pathetic: Boom v2.3
Suicide-inducing: Nightmares of Loki 1999

And here's a list of the worst [other] ones I had the misfortune to play while doing /newstuff reviews:
Female Doom
Sadhus Chauffeur Trio

Addendum (warning: offensive content):
Ratzepimmel's World

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On 2/16/2020 at 7:46 AM, fraggle said:

Trick question, there are no bad WADs. Every one of them is a beautiful demonstration of the author's ability to create rather than simply consume

Damn that's a sexy quote!!

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On 2/16/2020 at 12:03 PM, ark63 said:

because i love bad wads


I actually get this lol


I kinda have fun playing bad wads too trying to find all the flaws and make silly videos about it


good times

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