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Mods in Quakespasm

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I know I should be posting these in another site, but shut up.

How can I use mods in Quakespasm? specifically Quakespasm spike on mac

please let me know

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20 hours ago, nelguy said:

I know I should be posting these and my other "best Quake source ports" post in another site, but shut up.


Chill out. That's why the "Everything Else" board exists. Next time post there when you want to ask for non-Doom stuff.




Or you can read the text below.



You can either 

  • use a frontend/launcher. Quake Injector is recommended for downloading/playing maps.
  • do the traditional method.

For maps:

  1. Create a "yourfoldernamehere" folder containing the ma inside the QSS folder /id1/maps (create the folder yourself because you probably have never download custom maps before)
  2. Create a QSS shortcut and then place -game yourfoldernamehere.

For mods/TCs.


Not sure, refer to the above links.





I also recently came across your source ports post, and since I'm lazy to post there, I recommend you to check out the video below. It contains a few more source ports that can be ran on Mac, including QSS, and of course, subjective, short and (hopefully) informative overviews of some popular Quake source ports.


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On 2/16/2020 at 10:03 AM, TheNoob_Gamer said:

Chill out.

Sorry man, I do think that I was a little rude, my apologies.

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