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Captain Toenail

Defining new animated textures for limit-removing Heretic ports

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If you are creating a limit-removing wad for Heretic, how do you define new animated textures?


Can you use Boom's ANIMATED lump? Is that compatible with prboom HereticPlus or whatever?


Or am I just going to have to edit the existing water/lavafall textures?

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For fully compatible limit-removing, you can't define new animated textures, just like plain limit-removing Doom. The most common way of getting new textures is just to replace one of the existing animated textures with a really wide texture, that's a composite of all the new textures you want (no maximum width IIRC), and just use texture offsets to only display the part you want.


However for limit-removing Heretic, 99% of the people that play it will do so in a ZDoom based port, and ANIMATED lumps should work fine there.

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