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A Dense Goblin

Need help with editing a monster

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I'm making a wad for doom II, and i decided it would be a cool idea to use the Nazis found in the secret levels, but I want to make a few modifications to them, first. I know the basics of modifying monsters (using slade), but how would i load it so that the enemies show up within the level data on slade?

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First you have to choose what ports you want to aim for if you want to aim for vanilla or boom you will have to get a program for making dehacked patches and watch/read some tutorials I honestly don’t really know where to go for that though because I mainly use zdoom based ports but if you want to aim for a zdoom derivative port then I suggest you check out the nazis on zdoom wiki https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:WolfensteinSS oh and if you do go for a zdoom port make sure to read up on inheritance https://zdoom.org/wiki/Using_inheritance

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