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Good vanilla deathmatch WADs for Heretic?

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I currently run a DOSBox Deathmatch Discord (come join if you like that sort of thing ;)) and this week's event is going to be our first Heretic event. I'm currently looking for some good deathmatch-focused WADs we could play in DOSBox this weekend and for future events.

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nevermind external wads, E1M1 is one of the best deathmatch maps in the OG Doom engine imo. Depending on how many people you have you might not even leave this map. More than 4 and it might be weird I dunno. The boss arenas are good too, Iron Lich boss level was one of my favorites for DM. A lot of episode 1 is good for DM. The gatehouse and the citadel were fun as well.


EDIT: Heretic and Hexen especially are more niche/less popular than Doom so any user maps you find are likely to be SP focused.


EDIT2: the first map of ABBEY3.wad might be good but it's kind of small, dunno if it has DM implemented.

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