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[MIDI] noisebloom's noises

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It's been awhile since I've posted... though this time I have no new map(s) for you.


Having been obsessed with writing music and playing Doom for basically my entire life, I figured it was about some time I lay down some MIDIs. My musical background in a nutshell: I've been an experimental-ish cellist and an electronic musician for 20+ years, currently managing and playing in a very weird, atmospheric a/v shoegaze band called Sepals.


I have no idea how conducive these MIDIs will be to playing Doom, but I genuinely welcome feedback and share these to anyone who would like to use them in their maps, levels, etc. I imagine as my abilities improve in the "genre" of "Doom MIDI", the possibility of this is more likely... Just please let me know so I can check out your map/wad!


I'll be updating this list as I have more. Hopefully some of you enjoy these!


Edit: I suspect there may be some minor issues with these MIDIs, e.g. when I use Windows Media Player to play "BFB", it sounds fine, but when I use a soundfont I downloaded with VLC the drum track is replaced with a piano track. Let me know if you hear anything potentially unintentional if using with a source port.


MIDI List:


BFB - "Big Fucking Bass", a minimalist, funk-rock sort of jam.

Mister Brood - A slower, haunting jazz/funk sort of thing.

First Off - A short industrial/electronic jig 

Hangrrr - Maybe I should have called this one "Hangry." It's a funky take on the E1M1 theme that I'm using for the E1M1 Multiverse community project.




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