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What's 1 quirky thing about the place you live?

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I don't live here but I still live in the country it's in so I feel the need to talk about it.

In a small city up north (like 148k people only), they have these strange penguin statues throughout the city. I see at least 1 every day and they look weird as hell. Just about every school/place in which you learn shit in the city has a penguin statue and you can find them all throughout downtown.

Now I used to live here but moved down south for a better job opportunity, I lived in the 9th most deprived area in not just the city but the whole country until I just said fuck it and moved to some smaller city with little crime. (chavs bloody everywhere, didn't feel safe leaving the house at night)

Though I do miss waking up in the morning, driving down the road and seeing the penguins. Perhaps I might visit it again for old times sake.




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On 2/20/2020 at 9:49 PM, Jewellds said:

Nope! Sorry. I don't live in Gibraltar. I live in England. That's just a building called Gibraltar House. It's a dentist of all things.

Yeah, I'm originally from Canterbury and often used to have a day out in Medway for shopping and sightseeing. Visited the place three years ago and pissed off with the bus station being outside the Pentagon, other than that the place seems much the same. BTW, Beccles, where I live now, has a similar tradition and I showed a pic of Chatham as a comparison on the local Facebook page :)



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13 hours ago, Martin Howe said:

Visited the place three years ago and pissed off with the bus station being outside the Pentagon, other than that the place seems much the same.


I think they did it because the indoor bus station was quite dark and opressive. I think I caught a bus there once and it was cold and unpleasent. The really stupid thing is, they still haven't figured out what to do with the old bus station! All that space has just gone unused. Typical Medway planning I guess...

The other day I was reading this article about Traffic Cone Man. The statue is of Thomas Waghorn, a sailor and "local hero". What really made me laugh is that historians who've looked into him describe him as a "fraudulent self-publicist" who "achieved fame by accident".
So, our local hero, the man who we put a statue of up in our town square, was a hack fraud who fooled the whole town. He really is our local Jebidiah Springfield!

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My city has 70% of the population burning their trash and so it is the one with most cases of respiratory problems around here.

People always joke about prostitutes that you'll never find for some reason.

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I live in a semi-rural place (hard to explain unless you also live in such a place), there's a small farm nearby that seems to farm... mud. They don't grow crops, there are never any cows, sheep, pigs, chickens or anything else one might associate with farming. They just drive tractors and leave mud all over the road. 

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