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Where is my map 3 ?? Need some help!


Hello guys, so i cant see and select map03 in GZBuilder...though i can see it in slade or play it  when testing in gzbuilder typing IDCLEV03...

So..what i did wrong here? How can i fix it so i can keep working on it?

Maybe this is dumb...please help out this dumb...





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Since these maps were done with the format UDMF,

perhaps MAP03 was done in a different format?


When you load the pwad into Slade3, inspect the map namespace.

For example:







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@Kappes Buur, I have figured out what happened. I had a file (image) that was not suposed to be between MAP03 and MAP04, i putted that file all the way down,,,and it was done. I have my map again. Yeah....simple things. Thanks alot!

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