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Exercise One - small arena map

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Title: Exercise One.wad  
Map Format: Doom 2 (limit removing)
Ports Tested: GZDoom
IWAD: Doom 2
Map: MAP01
Gameplay: Single play
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Multiplayer Placement: No 
Requirements: None
Par: 7 min

Short map consisting of two arenas, originally ment as part of a bigger map, connected by hub. Secret Berserk and Supercharge included. Please enjoy and share feedback.

Exercise One.zip

gzdoom 2020-02-21 21-56-26-32.jpg

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I mostly enjoyed this. The first arena fight is paced well. I thought it got repetitive, though, because so much of it is doing just one thing. In the very last phase, having to pick up shellboxes so close to the cyberdemon makes that portion work -- otherwise that would be a basic circle strafe. 


I don't see what the lost souls add at the beginning. I rushed past them into the next arena, which is easy, but upon returning, I had to pistol them anyway because I didn't have many shells.


The blue fight is fun, but the block line usage defies visual logic. Initially the hell knights are confined to their cubbies, but when the walls open up, they wander out through openings that look exactly like the blocked portions. Looks sloppy. I'd visually represent the rifts somehow. 


The last trap is in bad taste, imo. The arena fights are tuned for realistic FDA survival, while still being engaging. That trap is a crude binary "if it catches you by surprise, or even if you react well but have little health upon entering, you die -- otherwise it's easy." That diverges quite a bit from the map's strengths. You might also get screwed over by a potential autoswitch to a chaingun you'll never use. 

Edited by rdwpa

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