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Mengo's Brutal Doom V4 released!

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Version 4 of Mengo's Brutal Doom has been released.

For those who don't know, MBD is a branch based off of Brutal Doom V20b that focuses more on the values of classic doom, and adds a second character with a whole new arsenal.





SMG w/ grenade launcher

Combat shotgun, can be loaded with slugs

Super Shotgun

Auto Loading Super Shotgun, much faster but a bit weaker, can appear instead of a SSG

Mk. II Chaingun, spins up

Rocket launcher, can be loaded with napalm rounds

Plasma rifle, can charge to multiple levels

BFG 9000

BFG 10000, similar to the one in skulltag, can sometimes replace the BFG



Knife, Doesn't get incresed damage from berserk

Sledgehammer, replaces chainsaw and has increased damage and speed from berserk

.45acp handgun

Assault shotgun, replaces Shotgun, can do a 2 round burst. Can be loaded with explosive rounds.

.44 Magnum Revolver, replaces SSG, needs to reload and holds 6 shots, can be dual wielded after finding a second one

.50AE Desert Eagle, can sometimes replace the SSG, fires much stronger shots than the revolver, and doesnt need to reload. You can use a laser sight to fire with almost perfect accuracy but with a far lower fire rate.

Ultra Machinegun, replaces Chaingun, fires extremely high caliber rounds.

Grenade launcher, can fire bouncing rounds or rounds that explode on impact. Can be loaded with frag rounds.

Railgun, replaces plasma rifle

BFG 9500, fires a shot that does more damage by missing than with direct hits.

BFG 2704, fires bouncing plasma shots at a very high rate. Can sometimes replace the BFG


Shared weapons:
9mm handgun: can be dropped by pistol zombies, has 3 fire modes, semi-auto, 3 round burst, and full auto.

Rifle: can be dropped by rifle zombies, can be aimed for a much more accurate shot.

Shotgun: can be dropped by shotgunners, only a crutch until you find a better one.

Dropped chaingun, can be dropped by chaingunners. Functions like the vanilla chaingun.

Dropped plasma rifle, can be dropped by plasma gunners, fires faster than Doomguy's plasma rifle, but shots are weaker, it can shoot multiple in a spread like a shotgun with its altfire.

Revenant missile launchers, can launch seeking missiles or launch both cannons at once with the altfire to launch non homing missiles that travel faster.

Mancubus flame cannon, can fire a stream of flame like a flamethrower or launch a fireball.

There are also two weapons from some very high ranking demons, but those are secret.

There are some very special weapons in the wolfenstein level.


Powerups and items:


Health and armor bonuses now increase by 2 up to 1000.

Demonic Rune: Gives berserk power and increases health by 20 up to 1000

Quad Damage: Can sometimes replace Berserk Packs

Light amp goggles can be used later, and you can determine what type of vision is given from the goggles.

Red and Yellow armor can replace Blue and Green armor respectively, Red protects 80%, gives 200 points, Yellow protects 45% and gives 150 points.

ModDB page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/mengos-brutal-doom

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21 hours ago, eye.lid said:

Doesn't work for me on GZ Doom (latest version). I got a script error. 

Could you send a screenshot?

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