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I might be the only one in existence that hates DOOM x AC crossover memes

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On 2/23/2020 at 8:40 AM, Phobus said:

I was convinced AC was going to be Assassin's Creed, what with the wrist blade and all...

I didn‘ t knew what AC is either. Then I saw the pic at the beginning of the thread and thought „anime content“?

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Most I've seen is in this thread, I don't really use reddit for video game discussion. It's just a cesspit. Can't say I'm into it either though but then again furry shit has always really put me off.

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I could say that a problem with these crossovers is that they feel "trendy", which means when both games come out, the novelty could wear off.

It's not like with some other crossovers where some people like two different things and sometimes even thought there were some connections that were simply more than just a release date. (at least for the most part)


I feel like crossovers are more interesting if they come with an unexpected twist or even involve something obscure, to give attention to something underrated.

This thing being somewhat "free advertisement" doesn't make it better, because it doesn't come off as made for fun or passion, kind of.


And knowing how many artists jumped into it: at best, some got into a new series or two because of it and at worst, some are just trend chasers and after the games came out, they may not talk about Doom or AC after a while, as if they forgot.

Sounds a bit pessimistic and silly, i know, but only time will tell.

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4 hours ago, MortallyChallenged said:

It was funny the first time it was done. Back in October the day it was announced. Its no longer funny or interesting.

Which is why memes were referred to as fads back in the day, because of their relatively short lifespan before people get tired and move on to something else.

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