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How do I add screen-shots to my post?

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How do I add screen-shots to my post? I have some of my first screen shots of my TC and I want to post them as my project progresses.

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Not directly off your machine, no. Normal users aren't allowed to attach files posts. Either upload them to a webspace and reference from there, or find someone who will host them for you.

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Well, if you contact me on AIM, ICQ or Yahoo, hell, even IRC, I MAY put your shots up. I'm paying extra money because I've been exceeding some weird limits on my cable (IIRC it was either upload or I was using excessive bandwith) and that has left me a little strapped for the little cash that I have. I may even have to dip into my personal savings to pay next month's bill if this keeps up >_<

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Jello said:

so when are we gonna see these screenshots?

I’m still working on replacing all texture graphics before I begin level designing. It may be several months before any screen-shots will be made of my TC. I’m just planning ahead.

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Ct_red_pants said:

Hmm... are you sure they will thay allow remote linking?

Yeah, definitely, it's mega times much better than geocrappy, that is if you use ubb codes correctly. Here is an example of it.

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