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Leaping attack


I thought it'd be fun to make a melee enemy leap when attack - jump and you'd have to dodge or take the blow.


How would one do this? I thought about using ThrustThingZ, but how to make the attack land during the leap? You can't assign two actions to one frame, right? For example, use Thrust and SargAttack. On the other hand, assingning it to different frames would mean that leap would be harmless and attack would start after Pinky lands.


Could you help me with this?

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i did something like this ages ago with decorate, using a combination of SkullAttack and ThrustThingZ, and just gave it a Stop frame after so many tics to return to chasing. nowadays i'm sure there's a way you could make it check for when it lands to end the attack instead.


you can assign multiple actions to a single frame. in decorate you'd just use a series of 0 frame actions, and i believe zscript lets you just put multiple functions in a single frame.

		BLDM X 10 A_FaceTarget
		BLDM Y 0 A_SkullAttack(25)
		BLDM Y 16 ThrustThingZ(0, 16, 0, 1)
		BLDM X 6 A_Stop
		Goto See


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