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How to activate a dormant monster?


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There is a lindef action 130 - Activate thing,

then just tick activation method and (dormant) thing (or multiple things) tag you want to activate.

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7 minutes ago, Austinado said:

Id like to activate a dormant monster (steps in Gzdoom) ...is there any video tutorial?


Why a video tutorial. It's really simple:


1. Give the monster a tid (thing ID).

2. Call Thing_Activate with the given tid, either by placing this special on a line or calling a script that contains it.


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Press F10 to open the Script menu in your map, and place this, changing the [TID HERE] to the tags of the monsters you want to wake up.  Then assign a line to action 80 and point to the script.


#include "zcommon.acs"

// Epic monster wake-up script by your boi Bauul, coming at ya like Cleopatra

//First things first, let's name this son bitch!
Script "The Monsters Are Coming! Fuck me!" (void)
  		// Time to wake up them mofos!  
  		Thing_Activate([TID HERE]) // Oh lawdy they coming!
        // Holy shit look at all dem monsters!  Pow pow!

//And close the script.  What a rush!



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