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Here is my new Doom 2 map: Brutal Breakout

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Here it is: http://www.levelgame.net/doom/BB.wad


Intended to play in ZDoom or GZDOOM - it might even work in regular doom 2 let me know


Meant for regular Doom 2 style gameplay - no jumping or crouching or any of that crap. I do like to play with freelook however, but it''s not required


All difficulty settings and multi player supported - super hard in UV mode there is a learning curve in this one - once you are familiar with the map it should be easier - strategize !!


Looking for honest feedback and if anyone wants to leave reviews or demo my map in a vid have at it :)


Screen shots:










A bad commercial:



Synopsis - you were too drunk last night at the party and you thought you got home but now you wake up in a mysterious room - some kind of escape room? You desperately try to break out of this horrible nightmare to get back home again! Tricks and traps await! Good luck!!


That download link again is: http://www.levelgame.net/doom/BB.wad



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3 minutes ago, Omilab said:

Ill try it, years ago i designed two maps. After 2 years im back to the community. 

This is my first map in I dunno like almost ten years


My previous maps were bad tho hah hah


Mapping is fun and relaxing to me. Good times


@HAK3180 thanks again for the suggestions. 


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