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Doom: Hell on Earth 1.6

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Into the Dark – Part 6

“Seal that bulkhead door, I’ll watch the Lieutenant” Goliath told me.

I flipped a switch and the large door closed with a horrible whine. I punched a button and a clearly audible, metallic clank signified that the door was locked.

“I’ll go see if I can find them medical supplies, see ya later Corporal” I grunted and went through another door.

I hastily jogged through the hallways on board the docked battleship, searching for medkits.
Kaminsky’s voice suddenly sounded in the radio. I could hear that she was in pain. “I can defend my…self” She coughed then continued. “I’ve sent Goliath out looking too” she said.
“Roger” I mumbled into the radio.

The hallways were narrow and claustrophobic. Light flickered on and off at unpredictable intervals, covering everything in darkness a moment and then in the next, everything was clearly visible.

A strange sound reached my ears. It sounded like it came from one of the other decks, but I couldn’t place the sound and I couldn’t tell what it was.
I stopped and listened. Then I continued, more cautiously than before, sneaking down the metallic hallways. I could hear my boots against the metallic floor. To my ears it sounded like my boots made a lot of noise, but in truth I was probably very stealthy.

I heard another sound. This time there was no doubt.
Revenants! I thought, gritting my teeth.

“Goliath!” I whispered into my radio. “This is TX056, watch your back – we’ve got hostiles on board, over” A brief pause then Goliaths calm bass voice sounded in the radio.
“Which species? Over”
“Revenants” I replied hoarsely, then quickly added: “So far I’ve heard revenants but there may be more, watch it! Over”. There was a brief silence.
“Acknowledged, over and out” came back his voice.

I continued down the claustrophobic hallways, keeping my breath under control and keeping my combat shotgun at the ready. I aimed around a corner, but found the large hangar room that I was looking into empty.
A hangar I thought to myself. Accidents tend to happen in hangars when the mechanics screw up – that means that there gotta be a storage for medical supplies somewhere

Without warning, the sound of a rocket launcher reached my ears. But it was in the radio.
“This is Goliath, I’m under attack here, it’s revenants all right! Over”
In the radio I could hear the loud, inhuman screams of the skeletal monsters, their rocket launching guns firing and the response of Goliath’s own rocket launcher.
“Get your ass back to Crash and keep the place locked from the inside, move! Over” I snarled in the radio, ignoring the fact that I was addressing a superior.
“No it’s ok, there are only three of them, over” An explosion sounded in the radio followed by a sound which I couldn’t quite tell what was but it sounded like cracking bones. “Oops, sorry, I mean two, over” Goliath’s voice quickly resumed.
“Ok, copy that Goliath, I may have found medical supplies in a moment, we gotta make sure that these freaks don’t get near the boss, over”
“Yeah, that's affirmative, Over and out” Goliath’s voice replied. I could hear the screeching of the Revenants in the radio.

I went inside the large room. Lots of fighter aircraft were ‘parked’ inside the hangar. Most of them seemed fully equipped to go on a strike.
Seems like the guys here were preparing to launch an air strike on these fiends but were interrupted when the freaks teleported inside the base!
I noticed rotting corpses of humans here and there. The floor was filthy with dried blood here and there and the stench was probably horrible in this room. Once again I was thankful of my helmet’s breather system. If it hadn’t been for that thing, I would never had made it out of Hell in the first place, and now the stench of death in this room didn’t seem so strong as it would have been if I hadn’t been wearing the helmet.
My sharp eyes swept the area and I suddenly noticed something white. I went closer and now I could clearly see the red cross. A closet for storage of medical supplies.
I smiled briefly and went over to it.
I stepped past a nearby aircraft and the closet went closer and closer as I approached it.

A loud, ear piercing scream sounded on my left and reverberated throughout the room. I reacted by instinct and leapt back just in time to see a bony fist lash out from the shadows behind the aircraft. The Revenant hurled itself forward as it swung its fist but it didn’t get me.
“Missed me boneface!” I yelled and fired the combat shotgun at close range. The blast hit the revenant with enough force to hurl it into the wall behind it. It let out a hissing screech and a loud clank echoed throughout the hangar as the back of its armor slammed up against the wall. I broke the barrels and slammed them shut again, while watching as the revenant leapt to its bony feet again.
Its blood covered bones reeked of rotting flesh remains and I noticed rotting intestines hanging down from underneath its armor vest. The creature leaned forward, aiming at me with its shoulder guns, but in the next instant, the skeleton monster was blown away by the combat shotgun, separating its torso from its legs and its bony hip disappeared in a cloud of bone dust.

Cautiously I looked around.
“TX056, this is Goliath, what happened!? Over” Goliath’s voice asked me.
“Just taught one of our bony friends some manners, what’s your status? Over”
“Status is: Out of rockets, out of opposition, no damage to self, over”
“Copy that and I’ve just found some goodies here, over and out” I told him as I pulled out a medkit from the closet.
Plundering the closet, I was soon equipped with two medkits and three stimpacks, even though I knew that a medkit and a painkilling stimpack was all Crash needed.

I hastily made my way back to the place where we left Crash where I met up with Goliath. He have me a friendly reminder that he WAS my superior and that I had damn well better adress him like that, to which I just grunted some incorherent stuff. Crash insisted on treating her own wounds, "Don't want any of you jackasses to touch me where I don't want" she snarled, scowling at us both, before injecting herself with pain killers and applying plasters.


We spent an hour planning what to do next. Crash quickly recovered, albeit gradually. We were just talking about what the device that upheld the flame barrier actually could look like, when we heard gunshots in the vicinity.

We looked at Crash whose eyes were darting back and forth, before she donned her helmet. “What are you waiting for numbnuts!?” She snarled. “Let’s get out there and help our buddies!”
“But Ma’am, you need to rest...” Goliath started but was cut off by Crash.
“I’m healed enough to dish out some damage, now move it dammit! And it can only happen too slowly!”


“Lieutenant Sir! I’m almost out of bullets here!”
“I still have a few shells, but they won’t last long Sir, whadda we do?”

First Lieutenant Stevenson’s eyes darted from side to side inside his closed combat helmet. It was never his intention to be sent to join the Star port assault in the first place, but when the outer perimeter defenses had been shut down, a large part of the assault force had been killed and Command had decided to send in more troops, including the officers, to reinforce the remaining assault force.
“The initial attack has been more costly than anticipated – and I don’t know if the remaining forces are enough to reclaim the base, therefore you are going in as well as a great deal of your colleagues” General Sheppard had told Stevenson and a number of other officers. Stevenson had opened his mouth to protest, but the old man’s sharp eyes had caught his beginning gestures and his sharp brain had immediately guessed the Lieutenant’s intentions. Before Stevenson had been even able to utter any word the General had sharply added: “And that’s a direct order, now MOVE!”

Now Stevenson was really in deep shit. He had lost all his men before he met two marines, Private Gordon Nash and Corporal Jeff Cauldry, who had lost their comrades. Now they were running low on ammunition and were up against a considerable group of monsters. A quick survey told the Lieutenant that there were too many of them and they didn’t have enough munition to take them all down.
“Keep firing!” He growled in his helmet radio, while sweeping the area with a barrage from his plasma rifle. “And follow me!”
Stevenson began to retreat back to the wall of the hangar, hoping to come across an opening that could take them away from the enormous room.
His plasma rifle suddenly went silent in his hands. Cauldry and Nash kept firing as they were told, but both knew that their weapons would go silent in a very short time.

A loud sizzling noise suddenly caught the three soldiers’ attention and in the next instant a rocket exploded in the midst of the imps and bull demons, sending three imps flying in each their direction and ripping a bull demon apart.

Three human soldiers attacked the monsters from the other side. Stevenson could see a woman and two men – one of the men was enormous and had chocolate brown skin, the other was somewhat shorter but still big and was white.

Cauldry ran out of ammo in that instant and would have been killed if the large black guy hadn’t killed the pink monster that rushed at him.

Soon the amount of otherworldly terrors reached zero and their corpses littered the metallic floor.


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I did some avation work last year, and hangers don't usually have that many first aid kits.

Asides from the occasional spelling error, good work!

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Insomniac said:

I did some avation work last year, and hangers don't usually have that many first aid kits.

Who cares? It's a story set in the future anyway - I'm not the type of guy who wants to go out and read tonnes of stuff about what can be found in hangars to make my stories realistic. I just want to use my imagination, because it's a lot more fun.
[edit]But thanks for the heads up anyway.[/edit]

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dsm said:

Who cares? It's a story set in the future anyway - I'm not the type of guy who wants to go out and read tonnes of stuff about what can be found in hangars to make my stories realistic. I just want to use my imagination, because it's a lot more fun.

And that's why you're stories are so good.

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I reached for the medkit, intending to hold onto it for later. The medkit disappeared, and after the ensuing flash of light, I realized that 25 had been added to my health percentage. "Dammit! We should have played Duke3d..."

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