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NUTS II: The saga continues

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Waves of gore and blood showered down from the blood red sky, The ground quaked as Demons crawled out from the fiery depths of the fissures, Screams of the damned echoed from the openings.
The doomguy stared in horror as hundreds of mangled torso's came together, Demons and humans formed a growing mass of flesh and metal. Standing before him stood a towering flesh pyramid,
A large black abyss opened in the center, before the doomguy could react it lurched forward and plunged him into the darkness.

Then the doomguy woke up..

Doomguy was panting heavily, sweat poured from his brow, The doomguy noticed he had grabbed his shotgun, he forced his iron grip off of it and looked around.
"It was just a nightmare, I'm okay.." the doomguy reassured himself.
he closed his eyes, visions of the Dream still echoed in his mind, It had been a few month's since his battle in the facility, But the violence still haunted his thoughts.
Within that time he had taken a indifference to it, The demon's no longer bothered his thoughts,But the remorse had grown stronger with each day,
he had walked away with a replenished ammunition supply he desperately needed, But a troubled conscious as well.

"No! they are a abomination and should be exterminated at the first chance!" His Mind yelled
"No, if we kill like animals we are no better then they are!" His conscious retorted,
"Shut up! i can't think!" the doomguy said, gritting his teeth.

The sound of the wind echoed through the Hellish cave he had made camp in, the cool breeze brushed against his exposed face, He got up quickly and put on his helmet.The cool air from
the suit blew into his face, The comfortable helmet reassured him of his troubled thoughts. After a quite moment he grabbed his shotgun and slung it over his shoulder and continued his journey.

His former Hometown was a easy task, after 5 months of traveling he had finally cleared out the horde and plunged headfirst into the depths of hell. This version of hell was different to the one he had been to before,
This one felt Artificial, almost like it was constructed by humans. 

The Marble designs were now fortified with concrete and metal, Doomguy wondered if the Demon's had enslaved human's to rebuild hell after his first encounter, Regardless he pressed forwards.
He looked around the barren hellscape, Up ahead was a large complex.

The Doomguy stopped for a moment, the Hexagonal Metal panels coming into view,The unmistakable Triangle symbol etched into the door gave away the reality of the Situation.
"That's a UAC Base...why is it in Hell?" the doomguy pondered
"The Exploration into hell must have started farther back then they say" the doomguy concluded,

Gripping his Hands into a balled up fist he continued forward, Flashbacks to his Battle before plagued his mind.
The doomguy approached the wooden door, The Dark metal glistened off of the Burning red sky,The doomguy Laid his hand on the wooden frame. He reluctantly forced himself to push the door open,
The door screamed as the rusty hinges creaked apart, As a long Black hallway came into view. The doomguy stepped through the door and entered the abyss, He glided his hand as a guide over the smooth
brick that lined the hallway, Towards the end of the Hall stood a large Metal door. The unmistakable Triangle symbol of the UAC was visible even in the darkness, Dried Black Blood caked the door's frame,
a single Hand-print was smeared near the Id pad. The doomguy touched the Pad, the Door erupted open, nearly blinding the Doomguy as The Burnt sky's rays gleamed off of the Metallic Flooring and Walls.
From his view of the Door-frame he saw the backs of 3 Mancubus, Instinctively he took cover behind the Frame. The Mancubus hadn't noticed him yet, The doomguy peaked out a bit to see a Mangled corpse grasping a 
Chainsaw, The doom-guy's face lit up at the sight of the Hardware. 
"Oh i'd love to gut those fat fuckers"the doomguy thought,He tried his best to get as low as possible and swiftly picked up the chainsaw. With a quick rip of the cord the machine Roared to life, It's primal
growls and rhythmic vibrations served as music to Doomguy's ears. With a devilish smile on his face he swiftly walked up to the middle Mancubus and with one swift heave, buried the Chainsaw deep into the Mancubus's Back.
The Mancubus pulsed as the Blue Hologram Broke it's focus, through the transparency of the Failing hologram the doomguy noticed the mass of moving flesh standing in rows all around the Platform.A Demon Let out a roar as it spotted the Doomguy..

"Aw shit!" the doomguy exclaimed, he quickly rolled out of the way as hundreds of Projectiles Decimated the Holograms, He fell off of the Platform to the metallic surface below.
He could hear the carnivorous roars of Demons approaching him quickly, The doomguy sat up quickly and pulled his shotgun off of his back just in time to Blast a Imp which was rushing at him, Blood sprayed onto his helmet as a smile grew on his face.
"Looks like i need to do some clean-up again..." He thought happily,

The Doomguy quickly got up, looking around he saw a switch a few feet from him. The sounds of Imps and Demon's fighting filled the Air, He stood for a moment as he watched a Imp jump onto the back of a Demon and tear big meaty chunks out with it's Ivory Claws.
He quickly regained his focus and sprinted past the large mosh-pit of Demons as he made his way towards the Switch, Up ahead he spotted a BFG laying on the floor.
"Must be my lucky day!" The doomguy thought pleasantly.
He only stopped for a moment, He quickly reached down and Grasped the Bfg in his arms. A brilliant Green flash exploded from the Gun, He stared down in anger as the BFG Turned into a shotgun.
"You fuckers!"the doomguy shouted.
A Imp turned to face him, it lunged at him. The Imp didn't stand a chance as the Doomguy batted the Butt end of the Shotgun into the Imp's face, It shrieked in pain as the Imp fell to the floor.
Before the Imp could react the Doomguy was towering above the Imp, the Shotgun raised above the Doomguy's head, Without a moment of hesitation the doomguy sent the Shotgun slamming down into the Imp's Face once-more,
His anger got the best of his control as he slowly beat the Imp to death,The doomguy only stopped when his helmet was covered in blood so much to the point of blocking his view. He wiped the Blood off of his visor and tossed the shotgun to the side, It's wooden Stock and Barrel caked with dark red blood.
The doomguy turned away from the mangled corpse of the Imp, He quickly continued his sprint towards the Button. After a few moment's and blasting a few stragglers from the mosh pit of flesh, the doomguy finally reached the Button. He slammed his fist against the smooth glass panel, Immediately the loud drone of 
Machinery hummed as 2 large suspended Pillars came crashing down on the Demon hordes below, Blood and guts went airborne as over a few dozen demons were pulverized to a pulp.

The machines continued there bloody rampage as It ravaged the Demon's army. The doomguy spotted another BFG just north to the Button,
"Might as well try it, got nothing to lose really.." the doomguy thought,

He quickly jogged his way over to the Bfg, he picked the Bfg up and quickly clung it against his chest, To his happiness it didn't dissapear.

A smile spread across his face as he took aim at the seething mass, With one pull he watched as everything within a few feet became vapor.
The doomguy walked forward, the BFG In his hand As he emptied the gun into the crowd. After a few minutes (With the constantly running crushers) The group didn't pose a threat to anyone anymore,
The doomguy looked up ahead, The Loud mechanical Humming filled the air as he saw a group of Arachnotrons approaching.
He took not a moment to rush towards the closest Arachnotron, The arachnotron turned to see him, It let out a scream but was cut off as the doomguy jumped onto the large mass.
He dug his hands deep into the crevices of the Arachnotron's brain, it squealed in pain as doomguy prepared the killing blow. Before the Arachnotron could react it was tasting the motorized blade of the UAC chainsaw.
The doomguy dragged the chainsaw across the Arachnotron's face and down the center of it's brain, Deep red blood splashed high into the air, Raining down on the doomguy, as well as coating the shiny metal floor.

The other 2 Arachnotron's turned to witness the carnage as they saw there brethren fall into a bloody mess, the arachnotrons let out a hateful shriek and opened fire on the doomguy.
Doomguy jumped behind the bloody mess before he got hit with the wave of plasma-fire, he was cornered leaning against the bloody corpse as his only barrier between the burning plasma-fire.
The Doomguy to his dismay had run out of almost all ammo, the only things he had at his disposal was 2 rocket shells, as well as a fully loaded pistol. 

"Shit! wait a second..." the doomguy thought, a smile crept on his face.

Crouching down he carefully took the rocket shell and gave it a hard push across the floor, Landing perfectly near the 1st Arachnotron, He repeated the same process with the 2nd one. The arachnotron's stood there waiting for him to peek out, Completely unaware of the danger they were in. The doomguy drew a deep breath.
"I have to hit both of those shells in only 2 shots, and they have to be accurate otherwise they won't go off, add on the fact that there's a very limited timeframe since they most likely will open fire on me as soon as i peek my head up..." the doomguy Strategically thought.

The doomguy stood up, making sure to keep his head below the fleshy shield. 
"On the count of 3...1...2..aw fuck it!" the doomguy thought
He immediately raised his gun above his head as he peeked out, Quickly he found the Brown shells laying under the Arachnotron's and took a shot, The 1st bullet hit the shell dead center. The glow of the bright blast blinded the Doomguy for a moment, through blurry eyes he found the second shell, The other Arachnotron staggered to the left a bit, Throwing the rocket off-center. The doomguy quickly took aim and shot the rocket, He ducked behind cover and waited for the explosion..But no explosion happened.

"A dud? Give me a fucking break!" the doomguy thought.

The doomguy pulled out the Chainsaw and quickly skidded out from behind cover, The Arachnotron noticed him and began Firing. The doomguy zig zaged his way through the Plasma raining down on him,The doomguy ran directly underneath the Mechanical Spider's body, Quickly he stabbed the Chainsaw into the base. The arachnotron screamed in pain, Blood showered down on the Doomguy as  he continued to work the chainsaw around the base.The Arachnotron couldn't handle the damage done, the doomguy quickly dove out of the way just in time before the Arachnotron toppled over, Nearly crushing him.

"All in a days work" the doomguy thought happily, His happiness quickly turned to pain as he felt the searing burn of a Imp fireball hit his back. He turned around quickly to see the Imp standing there, it's beady red eyes locked onto his.
Flashbacks to that fateful day filled his mind, The imp just stared at him..Not moving or attacking back.. The doomguy grabbed his shotgun and quickly took aim at the Imp's head. The Imp stood there, uncaring that it's very life was at stake, it quickly turned around. The doomguy pulled the trigger and the Discerning CLICK of the gun made him drop the shotgun on the floor with a loud clang. He stood and watched the Imp walk away, Checking over his guns he realized he was completely out of ammo. He stood there a moment, the lone Silhouette of the imp walking through the gore piles of his brethren.

"Why didn't it kill me? It had the perfect opportunity." the doomguy thought.
The doomguy pushed his uncertainty down as he continued on his way, Suddenly the East side Wall began to shift, the loud groaning of mechanical Gears filled the air as a new passageway revealed itself. The doomguy approached it carefully, through the doorway he could see a large room. Ammunition, health packs, and assorted goods were scattered all over the floor. The doomguy rushed over to the Supplies and geared up everything he could carry. Cocking his now replenished shotgun, he prepared for the upcoming battle.

A single switch stuck up from the ground, the doomguy kicked the button and aimed his shotgun, Once again the walls began shifting, Lowering to the ground.

After a minute a few Zombie man, Imps, and a specter emerged from the gaping hole which lead to a Large pillar filled room. The doomguy quickly dispatched the imps and demons and continued on his way,
His walk through the Pillar room was silent and without trouble, up ahead he could see another button. He quickly ran to it and pushed it. A door opened up to the side, He quickly walked through the Door and exited the facility.


The End?

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