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SPAWN Redux released!

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Hi good people of Doomworld, just letting you know that I've released a V2.0 of my GZDoom hub wad SPAWN, called SPAWN Redux (in fact, I released it last month, but I've been busy, and I've more or less called it quits on mapping).  I call it a "redux" because it has had a lot of changes and improvements made to it, as well as a ton of bugfixes.  I've also updated the lighting to reflect more recent changes to the lighting system in GZDoom.  It's also noticeably more difficult as well.


You can download it either from my website, www.fatangus.nz, or via the moddb page.



Let me know what you think.  Cheers.

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48 minutes ago, Austinado said:

What about screenshots...


It's defective! They forgot the warranty.

(sorry had to make that reference)


But in all seriousness Screenshots are a necessary thing otherwise not a whole lot of people is going to try the map out.


(I might do a review on it later)

Edited by Morpheus666

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Gave this a quick go and it seems really cool, don't have time to play more right now though. It's a looker, reflective surfaces and detailed enviroments. Make sure you go to control options as there is a bunch of stuff to bind. Certainly seems like a lot of work went into this Wad, I'll play some more later.

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I made it so that it would run better with the likes of Brutal DOOM as well, although I've only been using v20b with it at this point.  The first version of SPAWN had a lot of issues with it.

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