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Pain from the Forsaken Castle (a ReDoomEd WAD)

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This is my absolute first WAD. It was entirely made with ReDoomEd, which is a new port of id Software's original editor, DoomEd. Using (pretty much) the same tool as the one that was used to make the original maps just to see how it feels was the main reason I made this. That and also I feel like there aren't enough people using it. It is actually a really good editor, much better than most of the early editors, specially the ones for DOS.


The title is randomly generated, as I couldn't come up with a good one. I generated a level with Oblige and took the title it gave the level. Anyway, here's the info that matters:


The map was tested on Crispy Doom, GZDoom, PrBoom+, and vanilla Doom v1.9. Apart for a very minor glitch that is mentioned on the text file, it runs fine on vanilla -- it is a pretty small map.


In the spirit of vanilla, I picked map slot E2M6 rather than changing the sky texture and music in the wad itself. The IWAD it is intended for is, evidently, The Ultimate Doom.









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Nice and simplistic map with a vanilla feeling in mind. Godo job. :)


One MAJOR flaw.

No health items till literally the end of the map. Why? You're fighting hoardes of hitscan enemies and you don't even so much as add a health bonus anywhere? Nto to mention multiple imps, demons AND caco's and a baron to top it all off. Little overkill on the enemy department when health doesn't exist for 97% of the map.

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Maybe it's because I played the map a lot in playtesting it, but I find that that's all the health I need to be able to reliable finish it. Yes, it is challenging, but nowhere near impossible. Maybe you're right, though, and I should have put a little more health in and scattered it around rather than put it all in just one place. Same might be true for ammo, come to think of it. I'll keep that in mind when, if ever, I make changes to this map.


Anyway, it doesn't need to be the end of the map. Once you know where it is, you can go straight for the blue key and get the health before going for the other ones. This is why I put it there. You see, I was going for a Sandy Petersen feel in terms of gameplay -- not sure if I was successful at all --, and one feature of many of his maps is that, even if you can take any path you want from the start, there is usually one single "correct" path, so to speak, and you're screwed if you don't take it. The exit being close to the start and behind three locked doors is also from him; it's from E2M6, the same slot I picked for this.


And, yes, I know how much people tend to dislike many of Sandy's maps. I happen to like most of them a lot, there's nothing I can do about it.


Thank you for your feedback.

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Nice little map! Didn't find it difficult in any way, even without any early health bonuses. And that's coming from someone who is easily overchallenged by big groups of monsters.

I found two bugs. 1. One Lost Soul hides behind a crate and won't come out. 2. In the next room one of the crates is missing a texture on the rear side.

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Thank you! =]


Regarding the bugs, I knew about the lost soul one, and decided to leave it in because I thought it was funny. I assumed it would come out when I placed it there, but I guess I was mistaken about lost soul behavior. You can still kill it, though, so that's fine. As for the crate's missing texture, I'm pretty sure I saw that, but I must've gotten distracted by something else. I fixed it now and updated the file.

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This is very interesting! I would love to give ReDoomEd a try and see what I can do with it, too bad it doesn't run on Windows

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Yeah, I have been trying to compile it on Windows, as I'm sure it must be doable, but every time I think I have solved all the issues and it's going to compile succesfully, the compiler throws me an error I have no clue how to solve.


I would contact the developer about it, but I don't think he would respond.

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