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Paranoid MAP my first map

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Welcome all.... 


Here is Omilab. Today i release finally mi first map of doom (Paranoid). Its gonna be a hard map, maybe you die a lot but i aprreciate you test this map. Hell furniture and bloody level,  Bunch of enemies, traps ,teleports hell furniture and more will wait you in paranoid map. I hear advices, try to get this map.


I hope you enjoy this map and have panic and stress dealing with it....




1) Map is created in Zdoom in Doom format

2)created in doom builder 2

3) works on Zdoom and GZDoom

4) The map uses the DOOM2.WAD files

5) No jump, no mouse look.

6)Can try with the brutaldoom mod

7)No Skill Level

8)try get it with no cheat codes ( I CAN )


here are a screenshots, the screenshots was taken in "no monster" mode.... I waiting 4 your opinions!!! REMEBER THAT THAT IS MY FIRST MAP!!! :)



Paranoid final.zip

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Thi seems quite familiar for me... Like you shared this back 2017. I still have video, heh...

I'm not against sharing it again, but you could build something new and more polished through these 2-3 years. Hell, during those two years, my mapping improved so much, because I didn't cling on the same old shit I did on the past, just saying...


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Omg you surprise me. How is possible you get this old video yet? :O by the ways you like the map?

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Oh i remeber youuuu mys haruko.... you get me advices to improve the map.... i will gonna make better thanks

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Ready, I have completed it, but I will not lie to you, if I died a few times, and to be frank, in the end, and to finish all the wad, I could not achieve it using the classic gameplay mode, I had to enable the 'Freelook' to be able to finish it, since, when climbing a certain platform that is located at the beginning of the area, next to an invincibility sphere, I could not get any missile to go to where the boss's skull was, for which, it was something impossible, but in general, it was a good wad to try, if I began to feel some stress but not on a large scale, although if I had fun trying to pass it with the original gameplay, it is a pretty wad Challenging, of that there is no doubt, but in something that I can tell you, is that you verify well where you place the platforms, as I say, in the original way it costs the missiles to go to the direction that one wants, as in the case that I told you about the boss.

It was a pleasure to have tried your wad, and really to be your first creation, if that is difficult in a great way, but at least you can have a good time trying to get the victory at the cost of losing almost consecutively. I look forward to your next job, partner.

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I remember your map perfectly, and also that I played it, it was rightly so familiar, it still needs to be polished, waiting for more! :P



y si buscas a alguien que habla español.... hola


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