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Cheating and the use of TAS tools.

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Doom speedrunning is inherently quite easy to cheat in, sadly. However the analytical abilities to detect such cheating are improving over time and the short term glory might not be worth the eventual scorn. Consider that we value seeing gradual growth as much as comet talent in players. Help us keep up the unique value of Doom speedrunning, which is mutual trust.

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looking up demos in xdre, it would be rather easy to see if someone is manipulating rng or re-recording the clip while moving or any impossible action happening (in tics). 

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@ZeroMaster010 Yeah, I do apologize for cheating, I didn't really expect these demos to go by unnoticed, I was curious how hard it was to make a TAS demo look human. I won't do it again. The only demos I have cheated were my 52 second E3M7 demo and my 8 second e1m1 demo.

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