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Cheating and the use of TAS tools.

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Doom speedrunning is inherently quite easy to cheat in, sadly. However the analytical abilities to detect such cheating are improving over time and the short term glory might not be worth the eventual scorn. Consider that we value seeing gradual growth as much as comet talent in players. Help us keep up the unique value of Doom speedrunning, which is mutual trust.

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looking up demos in xdre, it would be rather easy to see if someone is manipulating rng or re-recording the clip while moving or any impossible action happening (in tics). 

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@ZeroMaster010 Yeah, I do apologize for cheating, I didn't really expect these demos to go by unnoticed, I was curious how hard it was to make a TAS demo look human. I won't do it again. The only demos I have cheated were my 52 second E3M7 demo and my 8 second e1m1 demo.

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A little over three months ago, @kraflab personally messaged me on Discord to inform me that I had been caught cheating runs, to which I did not reply and instead opted to just disassociate myself from Doom due to, straight-up, a ridiculous inability to deal with confrontation. I'll be the first to say that anything said now is too little too late, but I want to publicly say something nonetheless.


First I want to apologize (and should probably also apologize for resurrecting this old thread, but felt it was the best place to write this). When I was involved in Doom speedrunning the community was great and always helped me with every question I had, and in return I repaid that kindness with the disrespect of having cheated runs, not to mention the bullshit of my total silence to Kraflab after their confrontation. It was especially cowardly after another speedrunner had been fairly publicly outed as a cheater, after I had cheated, and I still did not come forward. There's just no justification for any of that (let alone my actions, by cheating, of making harder the great work of the individuals working hard to maintain an accurate DSDA), I don't mean to claim one and frankly I'm certain no-one cares about hearing one. (As not a justification but a brief insight - I'd been dealing with some crappy health issues and after some time of attempts, hitting goal times in Doom speedrunning was my way of occasionally feeling I was getting "a win" -  even if I was cheating. Yeah, this now makes absolutely zero goddamn sense to me and it shouldn't make sense to you. And hey, who fucking cares anyway, right? Cheating is cheating is cheating.)


All of my demos on DSDA have since been reasonably marked as dubious. A main reason I'm writing this is that, for archival accuracy, I want to confirm that some are not just dubious but definitely cheated. (Extreeemely gross feeling to now read those .txt's written as if the runs were genuine.) I'm not saying this in any attempt to clear the other ones. 

- Eviternity D2all nomo in 54:37. (Actually, not sure why this is marked as dubious and not cheated as this is the one Kraflab confronted me about with rather clear evidence.) 

- Alien Vendetta Map 04 NoMo100s 1:15:57.

- Evit Map 01 NoMo 0:25.91.
- Evit map 04 NoMo 1:03.91.
- Evit Map 10 NoMo 100S 1:56.26, I'm pretty sure. 
- Evit Map 11 NoMo 1:26.31.
- Evit map 21 NoMo 0:23.97.
- Alien Vendetta UV-Speed 1:08:00. 
- Plutonia Map 23 NoMo 1:10.97


As disgusting as it is to admit, there are possibly a few more that I'm not right now recalling (due to a few beers). If I think of any more when I'm in a little more of a sober state I'll either edit this post or message someone personally. 


Again, I'm really, really, really sorry. It means nothing to come from me after what I've done but if anyone reading is thinking about cheating, please just don't. Regardless of your high likelihood of being caught, this community doesn't deserve it. 

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