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Something I'm Working On...

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I'm starting to make a new mod for doom...i'm not sure if it's gonna be a partial conversion or what, but get this: It's gonna be MONSTER DOOM!!!

Think Rampage, King Of The Monsters, Godzilla, Power Rangers...the list goes on. Basically, you'll take the role of a giant super-bot and kick the asses of other giant beasts in a big city (Scaled to monstervision)

What do you guys think? Has anything like this ever been done before? (please say no...i love this idea) maybe it could even be multiplayerable...you and a friend duking out as giant robots in a city...what could be better?

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Sounds like a good idea. Jsut dodge those legal probs.

Wai-wai-wait, did you say Power Rangers?!??

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Lizardcommando said:

So, if you are gonna make this, what source port will it be for?

Me? Source...port? I'm on a mac. I drag pictures into a WAD to change stuff. If i were to pick a port, it would probably be legacy (only port for mac). As far as i can see, i'm just gonna try to change the sprites and textures to fit maps of big cities with buildings you can squish to get bonuses. What I'm working on involves no gameplay changes to vanilla doom...But hey, if someone wants to help me do anything beyond that, give me a buzz!

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TheHighestTree said:

.I'm on a mac...

Mac? Is that Windows compatible? :P

Hope your new proj works out.

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Little Faith said:

The health and armor bonuses should be people in the streets.

Yeah, you've got the idea! I'm also gonna make stuff like:

-bullets = gun shops (?)
-Cells = Transformers (The powerline type)
-Health Bonuses = people or cars (like what Faith said)
-Medikits and stimpacks can be vans and busses respectively
-Armor can be some sort of characteristic tank
-barrels can be big nuclear silos

I'm just making this up as i go along, but i kinda had an idea of how i'd do it

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Exactly how big should the monsters be?

Or how tall a building would a 128 high block translate into?

I will recommend that you try to make the monsters tougher via dehacked. In titanic monster battles it just doesn't feel right if the monsters go down with a single hit (unless it is from a very powerful weapon of course).

I think it is possible to alter the height and width of things via dehacked. If it is you could make the zombie enemies into human military vehicles and still have them be weak.

Just because the main character is a monster he/she/it doesn't necessarily have to be Gojira-sized. After all there should be room for monsters larger than you, the cyberdemon replacement for example.

Given that the player is one of the smaller creatures in the Doom universe I would recommend that the player shouldn't be much taller than, say, a five storey building.

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It's an interesting idea...
I'm not sure about level design;
I mean, if these robots are so big, you wouldn't be able to make doors. A door over 5 storeys high wouldn't make any sense.

I'm not trying to discourage or anything, I'm just wondering what these levels will look like. :-]

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Woah, this reminds me of something I saw when I got high.

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