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Freedoom 2

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Hi, @Datacore85! Read this and rename your archive, please.

Freedoom 2 is not a popular WAD, so you're ought to post a fixed archive in the Miscellaneous demos thread unless your thread (the current one) will get more demos in the future.

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2 hours ago, Datacore85 said:

So it's ok now ?

fd24m908 is fine.

fd - is a shorten for Freedoom (like a more short name). "fd2" isn't correct because we can distinguish Freedoom 1 and 2 by the map name. Like "f1m1" for C1M1 in Freedom 1 and "fd01" for Map 1 in Freedom 2.

24 - is the map number

m - is for UV-Max category

908 - is the completion time


And there is no text file in the archive with all the info. It won't be uploaded to DSDArchive (if you wish your movie to be uploaded).

Edited by Dimon12321

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