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I like the novelty of this, but i have questions:

  • For which port is this made?
  • What's the actual name of this mod? Or is it standalone?
  • Will the map be larger?
  • Will it support jumping out of a plane?
  • The sharp item textures do not mesh well with the lower res weaponry or surroundings.
  • Speaking of surroundings, they do look a bit hollow in terms of mood setting. Will static lights be used on geometry to enhance this?
  • I like the items menu and the fact it has drop outs similar to actual PUBG.

All in all this looks impressive, but i need to know more!

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Sorry for late!!


1.This mod is fit in Zandronum port.

2.I didn't choose the name of this wad yet. DUBG perhaps? :) this ganna be standalone. Or u can choose the gamestyle if you want. Invasion mod is getting develop.

3.I can't make sure this but i'm ganna try to make as large as possible.

4. No jump out from airplane.. :(

But spawn spots will be one area. You have to run and get your weapons fast!


5. yeah pretty much. I'm thinking about this problem. I'm not good at drawing...sorry for that.


6.I didn't think about Graphic problems.

Im only focusing on taking weapons and shoot somebody and winning!


7.Thanks! Actually the hud bars changed in real pubg but i will keep those bars in ths mod.



Thank you for your reply buddy.

Have a great day!

And this is my new update video.




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- P1911

- R1895





- S1897

- S686



Attachments(Suppressor, Dot sight, extendedmag)


- M416

- AK47

- Groza(airdrop)



Attachments(Suppressor, 6xScope, 8xScope, Bullet loops, Rin sight)


- Kar98

- AWM(airdrop)

- Win94(Ring sight)



Attachments(8xScope, 6xScope, suppressor)



- MK14 (Maybe)




- Grenade

- Sticky bomb

- Smoke grenade


I deleted some weapons.

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