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Baseball Bat

error with my custom weapon


it says "Execution could not continue. 1 errors during actor postprocessing"

what does that mean

here's the code I made: 



ACTOR DoomSlayuh: DoomPlayer {
 Player.WeaponSlot 1, Fist, Chainsaw
 Player.WeaponSlot 2, Pistol
 Player.WeaponSlot 3, Shotgun, TuperThotgun
 Player.WeaponSlot 4, Chaingun
 Player.WeaponSlot 5, RocketLauncher
 Player.WeaponSlot 6, PlasmaRifle
 Player.WeaponSlot 7, BFG9000

ACTOR TuperThotgun: Weapon Replaces SuperShotgun 20000 {
      Weapon.SelectionOrder 50
      Weapon.AmmoUse 4
      Weapon.AmmoGive 20
      Weapon.AmmoType "Shell"
      Inventory.PickUpSound "weapon/gettshot"
      Inventory.PickUpMessage "lol you got a totally tubular Tuber ThotGun"
      States {
      SHOT A -1
      TSHT A 1 A_Raise
      TSHT A 1 A_Lower
      TSHT A 1 A_WeaponReady
      TSHT ABC 4
      Goto Shoot
      TSHT C 0 A_PlaySound ("weapon/shoottshot",CHAN_Weapon, 0.7)
      TSHT C 0 A_Recoil (10)
      TSHT C 5 A_FireBullets (6,0,2,16,"BulletPuff")
      TSHT C 0 A_Refire ("Shoot")
      goto Ready

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