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building floating islands in the void?

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so I've figured out how to get skyboxes working with UDMF, and I want some nice floating islands in the void surrounded by a skybox, so far all I have is Attack on Titan, and software renderer hell, anyone know how to achieve nice floating islands?


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Hey BBQ! What you can do is this:

First, make a giant unreachable sector outside of the map with a skybox viewpoint object in the middle of it. Skybox viewpoint is under the category "Cameras and Interpolation." Make the skybox sector look like a normal sky by adding F_SKY to the ceiling and floor. It's okay if you leave the walls untextured, as ZDoom won't add a giant hall of mirrors in the sky.


You can then make 3D floors in the skybox sector and add a lot of cool details like trees and sloping. But don't make the 3D floors too big, or it'll look like the millennium falcon is flying over you, like this:


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