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in game joining on a lan game?

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i'm running the lan gaming section of my school christmas fair this year and am thinking of setting aside a load of computers to run a doom lan game. love legacy for normal network dm, and i use zdaemon and csdoom for online play, and but wondering - is there any way of setting doom up to have in game joining on a lan game? - a bit like cs doom or zdaemon - they would be perfect but ive tried before - and the school has a firewall up on the net access stoping zdaemon or csdoom from finding their master servers :S

help with different ports or with a way of setting up either of those two to run well would be much appreciated - thanx

-=- ze pomme -=-

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Your best bet is to use zdaemon. Just don't rely on the zdaemon master server seeing your in-house zdaemon server. Do this:

1. Start up zserver with whatever wad, dmflags, fraglimit, timelimit, map rotation, etc. you want. Be sure you know the ip address or "name" of the host computer.

2. Have friends start up the zdaemon clients with the same wad, such as "zdaemon -file dcdwango.wad". Zdaemon will load up and ask for an internet address to join. Have your friends type "connect <ip address>" or "connect <computer name>" and they should pop right into the game.

You should also be able to launch the zdaemon client right into the game with the -connect <ip address> argument, like

zdaemon -file dcdwango.wad -connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

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There is another way - use IDE. First, it has possibility to add servers like yours to list by hand - "Custom Servers". That is all IDE users must add your server ip:port in "Custom Servers" section (on 'Option2' page) - and then can see it in list. If you dont want to contact master server at startup - use IDE command-line parameter '-m': ide.exe -m
Second, you can start your server from IDE (v2.82) - its very easy :)

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If it's just LAN play I've never had any problems with Legacy and it's got the nice in game joining menu jobby too. How many computers are you going to have? If it's LOTS you'll need some big ass maps to play on... I've got a Legacy deathmatch map I made that works good with up to 20-25 players. It can hold 32 but it might get a little crowded. :p

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