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v1.2.1 (31st Jan 2021) - The Slayer Project, a Doom 2 Megawad

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-Take an official sneak preview at Episode 2

-Tackle the original layouts in the Classic Maps episode

-A number of changes and improvements



This is a megawad of 27 maps, split into 3 episodes, similar to the original Ultimate Doom. The WAD boasts a brand new original MIDI soundtrack, all new areas to explore and challenge modes available from the main menu!


(1) Back To Work [Maps 1-9]

(2) Devil Dancing [Maps 10-18] [Maps 10-13 now playable!]

(3) Invasion [Maps 19-27]



Current Version: v1.2 (31st January 2021)




31st January 2021 (v1.2.1)


- Fixed most texture issues
- Added new details to certain levels
- Fixed some item and enemy balancing issues in Episode 2 levels
- Fixed more errors with incorrectly spawned items


30th January 2021 (v1.2.0) [OPENING PORTAL UPDATE]


- Added MAP10, MAP11, MAP12 and MAP13
- New texture packs included in WAD - graphical overhaul
- New enemy types via DECORATE
- Added new music tracks for MAP11 and MAP12
- Fixed texture alignment issues
- Fixed ammo and health balancing on certain maps
- Added deathmatch compatible areas to MAP09, MAP10, MAP11 and MAP12
- Map layout changes for certain maps
- Fixed an error on MAP02 which caused certain items to only appear on certain difficulties (including keycards and barrels)
- Added new intermission screens between levels
- EXTRAS: CLASSIC MAPS - Play through 5 original maps taken straight from the Alpha/Beta versions of The Slayer Project. These maps have very few changes from their original counterparts.


4th October 2020 (v1.1.0) [THE DEATHMATCH UPDATE]-


-All Episode 1 maps (with the exception of MAP09) now have deathmatch exclusive maps tied to them (inspired by Sigil's format of deathmatch)

-Fixed some texture alignment issues

-Updated MAP06 music

-Updated title picture


13th May 2020 (v1.0.0) [THE UDMF UPDATE]-


-Major WAD update - all Episode 1 maps converted to UDMF format

-Most Episode 1 maps reworked from the ground up to be longer and more fun

-Music upgrades

-Layout changes and bug fixes

-Lighting improvements

-Balancing changes done to challenancing are now playable, although in a buggy state

-The new maps do not currently contain new music and recycle music from MAP05 and MAP03 respectively

-Minor overall changes


13th March 2020 [First Beta version] (0.1.00)-


-MAP09 overhaul

-Enemy and weapon placement changes

-Minor texture fixes

-Graphic upgrades



11th March 2020 [EPISODE 1 - BACK TO WORK RELEASE] (0.0.06)-


-Main levels for Episode 1, Back To Work, have been completed

-Added MAP08, MAP09 and secret MAP10

-Fixed bug where enemies could kill player on title screen

-Overhauled textures for most maps

-Fixed level design quirks in early levels

-Added ending

-Updated music tracks


9th March 2020 (0.0.05)-


-Added MAP07

-Map layout refinements

-Merged 'Kaizo Doom' and 'Impossible Doom' into one challenge mode, 'No Noobs Allowed'

-Changed title screen to a Title Map

-Custom difficulty refinements (balancing and tweaking for Aggression Mode [Ultra Violence])


8th March 2020 (0.0.04)-


-Added MAP06

-Added music for MAP05

-Updated textures and monster layouts

-Updated music tracks

-Updated logo and title screen

-Brand new challenge modes: select at the difficulty screen (options highlighted in blue) for a super hard challenge. All challenges use Ultra-Violence layouts

-Confirmed that WAD does not work on Doomsday Engine or Eternity Engine, due to the maps being Doom in Hexen format.


6th March 2020 (0.0.03)-


-Added MAP05 (no custom music yet)
-Overhauled UV layouts for all maps
-Fixed bug on MAP04 where monster closet in open area would sink into the ground
-Updated textures on MAP01 and MAP04
-Added new secrets

-Current version has no End Game action, will continue into MAP06 of Doom 2


5th March 2020 (0.0.02)-

-Added MAP04
-Added Track 04 (MAP04)
-Updated UV layout of MAP01
-Updated textures in MAP01
-MAP05 exists but does not contain anything, game will break when loading.


4th March 2020 (0.0.01)-










Darkbase Texture Pack created by David Gevert
Doom Potpourri Texture Pack created by Various Authors
Cage's Texture Pack 1/2 created by Cage
Blind Pinky base created by DoomedArchvileDemon
Chainsaw Zombie base created by Tormentor667


Note: The current version of the WAD is not the final version and may be subject to change at any time. If you find a bug, no matter how big or small, feel free to post here.823110755_UDMFRELEASESHOT(6).png.8bcaa16b824938f3e865282b59b0e446.png





For those that are interested, with it being almost a full year on this project, I have put together a document detailing some of the steps I have taken to design this WAD the way I want it, along with some plans for the future. Give it a read if you wish - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yJan7iFKv8Wi1uYfN9vL4GCr2TXnu0m1GVL8yfSejwg/edit?usp=sharing

Edited by sanicstudios : v1.2.1 update release

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I played the first four maps of the newest revision.


There's definitely some visual improvement needed just to break up the monotony of things, but I imagine at the early stages you may just be more focused on gameplay.


The maps had a pretty good ammo/health balance, so no complaints there. I did find your maps very easy on UV; the UV felt more like HMP in, say, Doom 2. Overall, the enemy encounters need some work. The maps are very spacious, and there are very few intense combat situations. There are some good ambushes, but more heightened, frantic situations would really elevate these maps and make them fun to play. The only moment in these four maps where I truly had an "oh shit" moment was the triple chaingunner key ambush in the fourth(?) map. I saw an ambush coming from a mile away, but I had no idea it would be three chaingunners, especially from what I endured previously. The spike in difficulty in this moment was maybe even a bit jarring.


Overall, good work, and I look forward to seeing the improvements you make!



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Thanks for noticing the ammo and health balancing. I spent a good few hours going back over each map and slightly altering it so that the player wasn't extremely overpowered by the end.


I tried to make my maps harder for UV but I'm not a UV player. Also I wanted the maps to be fair on a pistol start so I didn't add in as many enemies as I was originally going to. I'll take that into consideration though.


Thanks for playing :)

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8th March 2020


Version 0.0.04 has been released


New challenge modes added! Download and try them out now.



All of the health and armor items have been replaced with ammo. To make it easier on you, damage taken from monsters has been slightly decreased and Shotgun Guys have been turned into actual shotguns.



All enemies are now imps. You only have a pistol. Everything insta-gibs. Go.



Equivalent of Nightmare mode. Enemies respawn, fast monsters is active, damage taken is immense. Only for hardened players.



3 strikes and you're out. Even the seemingly harmless Former Human / Zombieman will rip you to shreds in a couple of shots.

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11th March 2020


Version 0.0.06 has been released



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Screenshots or video please? The description isn't detailed enough to give me an idea of what this wad is supposed to be like.

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So i have played 5 maps, and i can say i found it...entertaining. Small maps, not very complex but with a good line of progression. The difficulty is not  harsh, so why that´s why im saying its entertaining. The visuals are pretty basic, but this is what you expect from vanilla. There is some missalignments but nothing that cant be fixed. I would advise some screenshots here in this thread...its always nice to present to others, what to expect from the WAD. Loved the intro main menu and the logo is cool as well.  

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19 hours ago, Austinado said:

 I would advise some screenshots here in this thread...its always nice to present to others, what to expect from the WAD. 


21 hours ago, NPC_CO8ALT said:

Screenshots or video please? The description isn't detailed enough to give me an idea of what this wad is supposed to be like.


Done :) I had removed them previously because they were of an outdated version of all of the maps

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26th March 2020


Version 0.1.20 has been released



First official release of The Slayer Project compatible with older source ports and (possibly?) vanilla compatible

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This new color palette is eyes-hurting. I though Toilet of the Gods had the worst one, but now this one takes the cake. Maybe it's just me, but I don't like it.

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If you're judging it by the screenshots, it looks better in-game. For some reason, GZDoom was doing something weird with the contrast. I'll try and get it sorted. Trust me, it doesn't look that bad.

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13th May 2020 (THE UDMF UPDATE)


Version 1.0 has been released


Massive overhaul of WAD. Try it out for yourself! Currently, Episode 1 are the only levels available but more will be coming in the near future.

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4th October 2020 (THE DEATHMATCH UPDATE)

Version 1.1 has been released



-Battle it out on 8 new Deathmatch maps! (accessed by loading the regular maps in deathmatch mode)

-Maps based on Episode 1

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12th October 2020 - Plans for future updates


No game update this time but I do have a text update!


I'm currently working on porting the entire contents of the game so far into a vanilla compatible environment as the currently available vanilla version is extremely outdated (still using the old maps). This process is quite lengthy as I need to copy all of the sectors from the UDMF maps and replace every broken texture, flat and thing that is ZDoom based while reconfiguring every linedef and special sector tag to work with Doom 2 format maps.


In terms of the main build of the game, the next update should include the entirety of Episode 2 available to play meaning that the update might take a little while. I plan to have it released before the end of the year but who knows what will happen.


Keep your eyes out until then!

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30th January 2021 - After a long wait, v1.2 has been released!


Check the changelog and download links above! Glad to be back on the project.

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31st January 2021 - v1.2.1 has been released


v1.2.1 adds a number of improvements and changes relating to textures and item/enemy balancing.

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3rd June 2021 - This thread is dead. Long live the new thread.


In order to hopefully drag more attention to the game and also to clear up the clutter that has been started from this thread, I'll be making a new thread for the WAD once the next update is ready to roll out. It will most likely NOT be Episode 2 but will be updates to the Episode 1 map with potential redesigns based on current feedback/criticism.


I'll leave the link to the new thread here once it is ready.

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