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Quick questions about map releases

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Hello, everyone. I've noticed that plenty of people announce their map set releases before they finish set properly, but give plenty of information, screenshots and updates about progress. But in other hand, unexpected, silent releases can be pleasant surprise. So, what's your preference towards such things? Do you prefer to wait when mapper finishes their stuff, tells you about how progress goes or you just like to get surprised once someone reveals their wad to public? I'm curious about your preferences. 

As for myself, I prefer both ways, maybe a bit more when here's so little information about mapset, besides few screenshots as the teasers in picture threads. 

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I like both ways differently.  Seeing a sudden topic with "Bam! Here's a whole big thing no one was expecting and you can play it NOW!" is very cool and I have a lot of respect for people who are able to keep things close to the chest like that.


I also like anticipation.  Seeing something cool that I know I'll be able to play in the future and watching it's progress over time is interesting to me.


Personally, I can't keep things to myself and I require feedback to steer my creativity.  I love when I show something and someone says "This is good, but if you did this it would be better."  If you keep something a secret and don't show it off then you can't get constructive criticism like that to help.

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