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Naked Snake

Doom 3 fan-fic

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[note from bbg : yeah, I couldn't think of a clever title for this story. BTW, this story adds some elements not true to Doom 3 but hey, this is fan FICTION.[end note]

It all started on March 25th, 2145 on the Mars U.A.C. "Mars City" facility. They were up to something, something big, so big in fact that they called in the Marines just in case. Two security guards that just got off duty discussed their day in the narrow corridor...

"Ah man" Private Arnold began, removing his helmet "am I glad to be off work today". He cracked his neck and sucked in a huge lungfull of "fresh air" though he knew it was all recycled. His friend, Private Lewis stretched and cracked his knuckles.
"Ya know, they change the security code...again" he said, frustration in his tone.
"That's the 3rd time this week, what the hell is up with that?" Arnold complained.
"Yeah, and what's with all the Marines? A lot of weird shit has been going on" Lewis said. A scientist with glasses and no hair bumped into Lewis. He was more fixated on his clipboard than what was in front of him. "Hey! Watch it!" Lewis growled.
"Sorry" the scientist said without stopping. He heard Lewis mutter "see what I mean?" but he had more important things to worry about.

He walked into his personal labortory. He had a meeting with his contact right about now. He glanced about the room nervously, as if he were a mouse being stalked by a cat, but he knew nobody else was in the room because he was the only one with the access code. He sat down at the console and typed in the frequency. The display of the U.A.C. logo disappeared and a black screen came into view. Once in a while, a red circle would be visable, as well as smoke, which the scientist guessed was a cigar.
"Ok, I've done it, I've done what you asked but..." he paused then continued "I'm worried that the stabalization field will-" but the man cut him off.
"That's not for you to worry about. We'll show these corporate bigwigs that the gate project should not be abandoned". The connection was cut and the scientist pulled out his bed. He didn't like to sleep in the lab but he did so when he was to tired to walk back to his quarters. He laid down and covered himself up with a blanket and drifted off to sleep...

The security guard sipped his coffee and stared at the "gate". He had been doing this job for 3 years and never once had a problem. He leaned back in his chair and turned on the TV (Transtronic Video, capable of sending signals from Earth to as far as Jupiter) and relaxed. He got payed $8,000 a week for this job and he couldn't be happier. Of course, the other perk was that the U.A.C. sent $10,000 a week to his wife and kids. "Ah" he sighed, taking another sip of coffee. He spit it out when the alarm went off. He leaped from his chair and pulled out his pistol. He stared at the gate and noticed something odd....it was glowing red! He stood there, frozen by the fear when he saw a demonic skull peer through the gate. It opened its large mouth and out flew smaller demon skulls! He aimed at one but it was to fast. It rushed right through him and he felt the essence of its evil corrupt and kill him. He then rose from the ground but this time there was only one thought..."kill".

"Damn fuck shit" I muttered, stomping my foot. I had been stuck in the elevator for over 2 hours! This was bullshit. Nothing on the damned thing worked, not even the phone! I had been getting really impatient. I was sent down to the mining/manufacturing and storage area which was near the core of Mars itself. Suddenly, the elevator whined and started to continue its decent. I resisted the urge to whisper "yes" as the elevator continued downward. 10 minutes later the elevator stopped and I was at my final destination. I immediatly noticed something was wrong. No guards? I also noticed the light swinging back and forth and at my feet was the remains of a shotgun shell. "Hmm?" I growled. I knew something was amiss and I slipped on my helmet and readied my pistol. I approached the door and it opened. I jumped into the corridor and looked left and right really quick. Nothing. Wait. I noticed to the left there was something on the floor, looked liquid. I knew that some of the ore they refined down here was turned into a liquid, maybe they spilled some of that? I crept towards the liquid. When I got closer I noticed what it was. It was blood. Lots and lots of blood. I was suddenly more aware, my senses heightened by the adrenaline. I walked into the "boiler room" and noticed a man standing in the shadows. I could only make out his outline. From what I saw he was skinny and he was obviously tired because he kept rocking back and forth and moaning softly. I didn't notice a weapon so I walked towards him and said "Hey you, what the hell is going on here?". I stepped right in front of him and without warning he lunged towards me and grabbed me. He was trying to bite me! I pushed him off me and he fell to the ground. I aimed my pistol at him and backed up when I was grabbed from behind. Another man, who felt considerably fatter, was clutching me. I struggled and knocked him backwards. I stepped out and postioned myself where I could eye both of them. "STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" I shouted, pistol ready. The skinny man got up and stepped towards me, out into the light...but something was wrong with him. His eyes were pure white, his mouth was bloody and...he had a gash on his chest so deep that it exposed his breastbone! The fatter man stepped into the light and he also had pure white eyes and his intestines were exposed! "Uh...sta-stay where you are!" I commanded but there was evident fear in my voice. Neither of them stopped so I fired with my pistol. Two rounds into the skinny man but he didn't drop. Bullshit! I fired three more rounds into him and finally he fell. The fat man took the rest of my clip! I reloaded and stared at them. They were dead......before I even shot them.

I readied the shotgun and continued forth. I also had a Machinegun on my back but I didn't think I'd need it. The shotgun was a sweet 12 gauge pump action that held five shells. It could hold either buckshot for upclose or slugs for distance work. The pistol was a 9mm that held 12 shots and could be outfitted with a custom 5 inch barrel to increase its power. The barrel was internally coated with teflon to increase the muzzle velocity. The Machinegun, well, it was a work of art. It could use 3 different kinds of ammo. The standard issued one was the "burner round". When the burner penetrated skin, it "shed" a thin layer of a chemical it was coated in. This chemical was highly acidic so it would eat through the insides of a victim. One or two shots with a burner was fatal to a human so sixty shots was enough to take out a whole crapload of enemy troops. The second kind are known as "Lazer Sharp" rounds. The tips of a lazer sharp round are extremely devastating. The round traveled so fast and armor or skin offered such little resistance to the round that it had incredible entry damage. Obviously, these rounds are expensive and issued to top troops. The third round was a simple yet deadly one. The tip held an explosive so obviously, when it hit something it would detonate. These were the most expensive rounds and the most deadly. It could also be fitted with an underbarrel grenade launcher as well. I walked around the corner and hands reached for me. Another fat guy. I blasted a round into his gut and he sprayed blood all over. He fell back against the wall and didn't move. I turned around and headed towards the Control Station. When I got to the top of the steps I heard a moan to my right in a foggy corridor. I fired off a shot into the cooridor and the zombie (might as well call them what they are) still advanced so I shot off another and it fell. I stepped into the storage room and there was another zombie. He was decayed worse than the others I had seen. He took a single shell. I had one shell left in my shotgun. I heard more moaning and in a small alcove I saw three skinny zombies and two fat ones. I rushed over and pushed a shelf down and it leaned against the wall, blocking their path. They groaned and growled at me, reaching out for me. I slipped four shells into my shotgun and headed out. I started to walk across the catwalk when I heard a monsterous growl. I stepped back and hid in the shadows, shotgun ready. I saw the most hideous thing I have ever saw. It was a good 8 feet tall, pure muscle and its face was bloody. It looked around and growled, drool dripping from its chin. It walked forward again and I waited about 5 minutes before I advanced. I hoped I wouldn't run into that thing again as I entered the Control Station...

I stepped into the Control Station and right in front of me was a shelf with boxes on it. I investigated the labels but they contained nothing I could use. I turned and headed forward. To my left was a row of pipes on the walls. They had were thick so they were held by support cylinders. To my right there was a room with machines down in a little area. I stared at the pumping machines and noticed a computer terminal down in the room. A clank jerked me to my senses. One of the support cylinders had popped out. I stepped back from the pipes and a few moments later a thing burst its way through the pipes! It was low to the ground and its head was odd-looking, it also had sharp looking claws. I fired a round from my shotgun and it growled in pain and advanced forth. Then I saw the rest of it. At about midway on its body the flesh of the creature ended and it was mechanical the other half. I fired another round and backed up. It faced me and charged, I dove out of the way at the last second and it hit the shelf. The shelf fell over onto it and it struggled to get the thing off it. I didn't give it a chance. I blasted it again and this time it fell. I was shaking. That thing was fucking huge and pissed. I backed away from it then turned around and headed down to the pump room to check out the computer terminal. I walked down the steps and approached the terminal when I heard a squish beneath my foot. I looked down to see what I had stepped in. I knew immediatly. It was a brain! I shook my foot and the mush fell off. I growled in disgust. I heard something behind me and I looked. Out of the shadows two zombies came. The fat one was on the upper area and there was a skinny one on my level. I shot the skinny one first, right in the face, making its head explode into chunks of skull and brain matter. The fat one started down the steps and I fired at him. He fell forward and hit the floor with a slap. I reloaded my shotgun and kept an eye on the fat zombie corpse until I was sure it wouldn't be getting back up. I checked the terminal and it turned out all it was was performance logs of the pumps. I walked back up the steps and headed to the next room.

Inside was a corridor and I looked around. I noted the door on the right side but I ignored it for now, I wanted to check what was ahead first. I started towards the corner when I heard a voice coming from the catwalk above me. The voice was dark and demonic to say the least.
"I smell...fear" the voice rumbled. After that I heard the clanking of boots. I stepped around the corner, shotgun ready when a figure landed in front of the stairs of the catwalk. "BLEED, MORTAL!" the figure shouted as it wound up its chaingun. The rounds hit the deckplate next to me and I dove to the side and rolled to a standing postition as the chaingunner sprayed the area I had just stood in with bullets. I turned around and headed for the room I ignored. I hid inside and peered out the window. I saw him stepping past the window. "HELL AWAITS YOU" the chaingunner announced. I slipped past the window and hid by the door. I had the Machinegun out instead of the shotgun. The door opened when he stepped past and I jumped out and fired. He ignored the pain pretty well as he thrust his chaingun up and struck my face, knocking me back. I didn't fall or else I probably would have been killed. I regained my balance and fired until he fell. I looked at him more closely. He was wearing a crown-style helmet that didn't hide his whole face. His eyes were orange and his teeth were sharp. He was a pretty meaty guy and he was issued a heavy chaingun so I figured he was a commando. I checked his belt for ammo and I came up with something sweet. Two full clips of Lazer Sharp rounds! I opened the Machinegun up and removed the clip and replaced it with a clip of R.S.R. and went back into the room to look around before heading forward. There was a huge display of the surface of Mars and it was listing off the status of locations. Mars City - offline. Administration - Offline. Comm Center - Power Failure. Waste Storage - Offline. Starport - Code Red Alert. Damnit, so this invasion was spread throughout the entire facility! I wondered who else, if anyone at all, survived...

I walked around the corner where I had just been shot at bit ago. I approached the catwalk when I felt something whip me. I fell down and looked in the direction from which the attack came. A commando rushed forth but instead of a chaingun he had what appeared to be a retractable tentacle for a left arm! He was standing above me and he raised his mighty foot to bring it down upon me. I fired up and a few rounds went through his leg. He stepped back away from me, growling in pain. I unloaded the rest of the clip right through him so fast that I literally cut him in half. I got up and once agained trekked towards the catwalk. I walked up the first set of steps. To my left and right were more steps. I saw the chaingunner before he saw me. I blasted him and he fell down, his chaingun clanking heavy on the metal catwalk. I cursed under my breath when I saw that the door was code-locked. I decided I might as well check the other area first. I walked up the steps and walked down the walkway towards a room marked "Security Staff Quarters". I opened the door and was greeted by the sight of a tentacle commando dead on the ground and a dead security guard. FUCK! I could have saved a survivor! He had the same kind of 9mm as me except his had a 5 inch barrel add-on. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the pistol itself was damage. The only real salvagable part was the add-on. I put the addition on my pistol and reholstered it. I checked about the lockers. One guy had girlie mags, cigarettes and alcohol. The locker next to his contained a book of sketches, a diary and a picture of a man with his arm around a woman and two little girls in front of them. The guy next to him had issues of gun magazines and gun related stickers and stuff. There was a desk which had a nameplate on it. "Cpt. DeGaulle" it said. I rummaged through the desk and found a notice. It said :

"The security code to the door has been changed. The new code is 924. Please inform your troops of this change.

-Head Security Branch of the U.A.C. Martian Facilities"

I crumpled the paper in my hand and headed out the door.

I stepped up to the keypad and pressed in the code and the door opened. I stepped inside to see some tubes with a bright blue liquid which I guessed was plasma. I was startled when I heard a box hit the ground. I turned to the source of the noise. A zombie with a labcoat was shambling towards me, hoping to taste my flesh. I fired a burst from my Machinegun and the L.S.R.s cut through the zombie. I went up the steps and was on a platform with a terminal. I glimpsed at the terminal to notice there was something blinking red. I checked it out. It needed to replace to a flow-tube to the Comm Center, which I remembered was out of power. I clicked the icon that said "replace" and the machinery whirred into action. I watched as the robotic arm replaced the tube. I jerk when I felt something grabbing my foot. It was a zombie! I raised the pistol and fired, blowing the back of its skull off. I stepped over the corpse and continued on. I stepped into the next room which appeared to be a small storage room of some kind. The thumping of a barrel being kicked down the steps by a zombie scared the shit out of me. It didn't even get to the first step before I destroyed its head with my pistol. I walked up the steps and approached the door on the opposite side of the room where the door I entered was. It was marked "mineral transport". The door opened and I stepped inside. I felt something but I didn't know what. I got my shotgun out and walked forward. I noticed some machinery in another room that I could see into through a window. I stared at the machines as mineral canisters came from one tube, a claw grabbed the tube and transfered it to another tube. The sudden reflection of the commando startled me and I jumped back just in time as the Commando threw a mighty kick, shattering the window. I started to fire but he smacked me with his tentacle. I fired wild and it hit his chest anyway. I got up and looked around. The door at the end of the hall was broken but the door to the tube room was opened. I walked in and checked it out. I found the access ladder after about three or four minutes. I started to climb but suddenly, something wrapped around my leg! The Commando wasn't as dead as I thought. His tentacle was wrapped around my foot and he was trying to pull me off the ladder. I held on for dear life with one hand and fired the pistol with my other. Finally, after a few shots, he gave up and died. I sighed. "This sucks" I muttered before continuing up the ladder...

I opened the hatch and climbed up into the room. It was pretty damn big and I instantly noticed the bloodstain on the floor. It looked like a body had been dragged or something. I followed the trail with my eyes and I saw some feet sticking out from a doorway. I started to approach the corpse, hoping they were carrying some ammo or something but I heard a growl and I stopped. It was another mecha-demon! The feet disappeared from view as the body was pulled into the room by the demon. I pulled out my shotgun and decided to follow it. I looked at the door and there was a symbol. A man then a woman. I didn't get it at first then I realized it was a unisex bathroom. I walked in and turned the corner to see a fat man laying on the floor. I walked towards him when I heard a snarl come from the shadows. I backed away from the body and hid around the corner. There was a mirror so I could see everything that was going on. One of those mecha-demons came from out of the shadows and approached the fat man's cadaver. It used its paw to pull fatty closer and it bent its head down and took a thick chunk out of the stomach, exposing the intestines of the fat man. It flung its head back and the meat flew up in the air and landed in the monster's mouth. It snarled again and backed into the shadows. I leaped around the corner, waiting for it to charge. I stepped into the light and waited more. I was going to go after it myself now. I started to step over the fat man but all of a sudden he lunged up and grabbed my arm and my shoulder. I struggled with him and I could not fucking shoot him! I suddenly got another idea. I brought my foot up and plunged it into his intestines. I stomped and stomped until I reached my target. On about the 5th stomp I heard a snap as I broke his spinal cord. He let go and didn't move. I figured if the demon was still here then he would have attacked already. I sighed. My boot was covered in blood as well as some of my pantleg. I put my bloody boot on the edge of the sink and was reaching to untie it when I saw the reflection of the demon charging from the shadows! I quickly pulled my other leg up on the edge of the sink and thrust off into the air in a backflip as the demon crashed into the sink. I landed and fired two rounds in rapid succession and the demon died, the blood flowing out of its many wounds. I started to shake. This was getting insane.

I removed my clothing, put them in the washer in the bathroom and took a shower, washing away the blood and whatever else that had collected on my body. When I heard the ding of the washer signal that my clothes were done I turned off the shower and got dressed. I headed out of the bathroom and I went down three steps and closed in on a door. It opened and something hissed and tackled me, landing in top of me. It grabbed its arms and struggled with it as it struggled back. It lunged its head forward and it stopped just mere inches from my face. I was getting pissed. This was the second time I couldn't use my weapons! I then realized that I was being stupid. I was wearing a very hard helmet and it wasn't. I thrust my head up and the beast howled. It leaped to its feet and clutched its face. I raised my boot and kicked it in the stomach. It bent over and I fired my pistol, blowing its damned head to bits. I got up and went into the room. The door at the far end of the hallway was beaten badly, it wouldn't open but the big window to the Lazer Cannon room was busted open. I jumped down into the room. I approached the Lazer Cannon, noting that the security bars were removed. I was very close to something that could easily cut me to pieces! I heard a hiss behind me and I saw the thing leap at me. I ducked and then jumped up, knocking it higher. It flew into the Lazer beam and was sliced in two. I looked around the room a bit and found another door. It led to a simple room that had controls for the Lazer Cannon. All of a sudden the other door to the room whirred open. One of those hissing things stood there. It pulled back its hand and tossed a fireball at me. I didn't move out of the way in time and I got slightly burned by the fire. I blasted my entire clip into the creature. I tripped and grabbed a box on the shelf for support but still fell. The box opened and out rolled something that helped me greatly. An underbarrel grenade launcher for my Machinegun! I clicked it on. I searched the box and found 6 grenades. I slipped one in and put the others on my belt. I walked out the door and I walked down the hallway, hating the darkness. I came into a room with four pillars and some zombies, they were all standing next to eachother. I decided to test my new toy and launched a grenade into them. They all exploded into a shower of guts, the room became crimson with the blood of the former corpses.

I went down some steps after the pillar room and found two zombies. I cut them to bits with the Lazer Sharp Rounds in my Machinegun. I walked into the door and walked into a large room. I saw some steps ahead of me and I started to walk towards them when I felt a strong gust of wind. I looked to see a table fly up against the wall and a red whirling mass in its place. The red went away and in its place was a hissing creature! I didn't even give it a chance to toss a fireball at me. I pumped it full of L.S.R.s. I put the Machinegun away and pulled out the shotgun. As soon as I reached the bottom of the steps I heard the door at the top open. A fat zombie stood at the top of the steps. I raised the shotgun and fired. The zombie tumbled down the steps and I climbed over him and headed up the steps. The door opened and I heard the sound that that big monster made. I knew the shotgun wouldn't cut it. The monster was here! I pulled out my Machinegun, loaded up a grenade and started to head forward when I looked on the shelf. A box labeled "H.O.A.". It took a second to click but I guessed it meant Heavy Ordinance Ammunition. I checked and found 10 grenades and 3 clips of Explosive Tipped rounds! I loaded a clip and slapped a grenade into the Grenade Launcher. I looked down over the balcony I was on. The steps were destroyed so I just jumped. I landed and turned to see that big monster coming from the shadows, the light casting ominous shadows over its rough, muscular body. I wasted no time and launched a grenade at it. It fell to one knee and got up! Shit! I fired with the Explosive Tipped rounds and still it advanced. I backed up as I loaded up a grenade and a fresh E.T. clip. The beast was right in front of me! It raised a mighty fist and brought it down. I dove between its legs at the last second, narrowly escaping a grisly death. The door it hit gave to the pressure of the strike and fell in. It turned to recive some explosive tipped bullets. It backed up and went into the room, which I really couldn't see into very well. My second clip was gone so I launched the grenade. That did the trick. The mighty beast fell to the ground with a massive crash, shaking some shelves and scaring the shit out of me. I stood and looked down at the corpse of this massive monster. It made me feel uneasy at the thought that more of these things are out there...but then I realized I HAD to survive. I HAD to save Earth....and I would not fail.

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Nice story, very original, BUT...

I struggled with him and I could fucking shoot him! I suddenly got another idea. I brought my foot up and plunged it into his intestines.

Well, if he can fucking shoot the zombie, why doesn't he DO it? O_o

There is at least one more such fatal spelling mistake in the story - hint: 'it' where you should've written 'I'

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Let's see some constructive criticism instead of cryptic messages that too easily can be interpreted as "this story sucks".

If you think the story is bad, explain why. If you think it's ok, don't comment.
If you think it's good, either don't comment or at say that it's good (and suggest improvements on some aspects if you HAVE any suggestions).

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I think, personally, that DOOM stories do not work, especially if they simply attempt to follow DOOM's story. Only unusual things inspired by DOOM are OK, with some other value than just a story dragging on with the same encounters with DOOM monsters, with guns being loaded, and with an assortment of standard "soldier-type" characters. Very boring. I've looked at only some of the stuff, not much really, but often I read a paragraph (here for instance) and it inspires utter ennui. Just a couple that I browsed through had things that made them OK, such as Kat's mix between furries and DOOM, or Archvile46's use of designers as characters. Maybe that wasn't enough to make those great, but it's a start. It's best to stray away from standard stories that sort of emulate Starship Troopers or Aliens. Only something more original works.

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