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Amnesia: Rebirth Announced

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Amnesia: Rebirth is a new descent into darkness from the creators of the iconic Amnesia series. A harrowing journey through desolation and despair, exploring the limits of human resilience.

Coming autumn 2020.



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Ono, if it's going to be as creepy as the original was, my sanity will get stuck at " ... " for weeks again.

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I've been a fan of Frictional Games literally since before they were a proper company - from the moment I saw Penumbra tech demo. I totally didn't expect them to go back to Amnesia but I'm super hyped for it already. If there's a team that can create a frighteningly disturbing atmosphere and crazy immersive environments it's FG.

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All I want out of this Amnesia game are two things.... The sanity mechanic that was unfortunately left out in Machine for Pigs and the enemy design, tension, and story awesomeness of Soma.


It would be in one of the top best horror games if it can pull that off.

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