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Personal Best Demo Thread ← POST YOUR NON-WRs HERE

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Glaive Map 4 UV Max 3:04.49



Fun little map from the Glaive pack.  Trolling through the offered maps I found this one and it looked fun.  I would describe it a bit as Dead Simple dipped in Knee Deep sans Mancubus and Arachnatron triggers.  The combat is great and you can find cover and ammo to fill your needs quite easily with plenty opportunities for useful infighting and projectile juking.  The jump for the berserk pack secret was a bit tricky but I was able to get it done after some practice and finding the right angle.  This is a fun little Scythe like pack and I suggest people check it out, and the sequel Glaive 2. You will probably find a map for your taste and they are pleasing to the eye while remaining pretty short and sweet. Check it out below!



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E1M1 - UV Speed 12.69




Seems doing a UV Speed on this map is practically a rite of passage so I went ahead did one.  Manage to get 12 seconds on the end level clock which is better than I hoped to get starting out, and I am pretty happy with it as an initial benchmark for myself.


E1M1 - UV Max 58.46




Since I did E1M3 figured I would return back and do a series of UV Max for E1 as part of my line of classic runs.  Of course that starts with E1M1. Not much to say other than the RNG can be "fun" (I am noticing a trend here) but for some reason I still enjoy tearing through these maps even if the monster setup isn't difficult in and of itself and maybe that is what is so fun about them, and of course E1 has always been a classic anyway (think this was my most played episode in my childhood, I think Episode 2 was another one I played quite a bit of).

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@kraflab Massive amounts of demos could become the dsda hosting costly in the future I guess.

Edited by kokrean

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16 hours ago, Creeper2006 said:

Ultimate Doom E1M1 Hangar in 00:08.97 




Great run. It's no monsters though :D


Submitting my own:

Ultimate Doom - Hangar Pacifist in 00:09.91 




Ultimate Doom - Hangar Pacifist in 00:09.40


Edited by RoadrunnerKZSK

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Doom 2 Map 2 UV MAX 1:50.77 (1:50)


Alright I went back and did Underhalls again to see how I improved it took some work but I shaved off 5 more seconds.  I noticed some odd left and right movement at the start but I think that was ultimately just me being twitchy after some testing with some random test demos.




Description:  It was time to come back to where I started and...it was a pain.  It took some days on and off of practice, but I started noticing that I was getting a sense of muscle memory for the level and stopped thinking and just kept doing.  I like to see that this is developing in my gameplay. Drowning out any distractions in my head and just going until it is done and not worrying about what the result might look like until it is over.  The RNG on this run did me a favor for sure as there are so many times where I just die to the shotgunners which is one thing that makes this level tricky, that or I am getting more efficient at shooting them and it's probably a bit of both.


Edited by Eric Claus

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Doom 2 Map05 UV Max in 2:08.06



TBH, probably NightTerror's record is not very beatable as there's almost no mistake inside. I'm very stoked with this second place now.

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28 minutes ago, SKYWARDS said:

Sunlust 28 Maelstrom UV Max in 09:50


Isn't that a new record?

If so I think it goes here 


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6 hours ago, Lucky_Edie said:


Isn't that a new record?

If so I think it goes here 


Ok thanks! In cases like these, should I delete my previous comment?

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30 minutes ago, vdgg said:

@SKYWARDS  The demo was moved. For this time you can do nothing :)

Great. I'll pay more attention next time.

People are so nice in Doom community :)

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