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all my sounds are low quality

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so this happened when i restarted my sound to fix some problems and ALL my sounds turned low quality (except for my music)


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I use Z-Doom myself which I think is pretty similar to GZ.

Have you changed any options in your sound settings recently? 

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9 hours ago, doomsmokey said:

well im playing doom the original games (doom 2) and im using gzdoom and i think mine is custom built

I am going to make this a bit more specific:

  • Do you run any mods alongside Doom 2?
  • Which particular version of GZDoom are you running? You can determine this by simply starting the program (The console should tell you which version it is)
  • What is asked is a list of system specifications, specifically your video card.
  • The best way of addressing this would be to post your .INI file, which is found in your GZDoom directory. Attach these in your thread or post.
  • Make a thread at the ZDoom forums. The link should lead you to the correct section.

In that thread, answer the above questions and attach your .ini file there.


If you do not have a ZDoom account, do the same but in a response to this post in this topic :)

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In the GZDoom folder you can delete your settings ini or move it out of the folder and then the settings will be reset.



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1 hour ago, doomsmokey said:

cant seem to find my settings ini file 

Delete the contents of tue GZDoom folder and download and extract it in there from start. Then you will have to set your controls from scratch of course.

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