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Run submission

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'Grats. Solid accomplishment especially for someone inexperienced.



Source port: gzdoom

I read on rules something about using correct "-complevel". I used complevel 2 for this, hopefully it's fine


1) (Excerpt from text file.) GZDoom doesn't have "complevels"; those are relevant to prBoom+. For future runs, it'd help to get prBoom+ up and working.  

2) Exact time is essential info. Include that in the text with the header "Time: [time goes here]", rather than an estimate.

3) Very few demos merit their own threads. Instead they are posted in a proper thread. Here's a convenient listing

4) File naming conventions

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Watched the first half. Great demo so far. I hope to someday be this good in Plutonia.

Yeah GZDoom is not great for recording. I am lucky in that I'm here in this time we have the same GZDoom version. If someone comes through years later they won't, and the demo won't run.

Best of luck in your future runs!

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