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Textures not loading

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So I was making a custom enemy and I had recoloured the pinky as my first time making a custom character, It appears in the decorate section in doom builder however it has no textures and comes up as an error symbol in game, when summoned though it makes noise and can kill the player but is still invisible. I pretty much copied the pinky's code and edited it slightly, all my sprites were directly taken from the game, recoloured and then renamed to SVRGA1 ect. sorry if this has already been answered but I am new to doom modding so I will probably make stupid mistakes a lot.

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Would you mind posting the wad? It will be easier to see what’s gone wrong if we can look under the hood in Slade3

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i have other custom characters that are on realm667 to see why it was not working, i will delete that to make sure it is easier to see

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would it be possible if i send you a wad with just a random map in and my monster so you could look at it that way then i could import it into my actuall wad



Mine is the green one the blind pinky is for comparison

Edited by OGShadowshard : Forgot to attach file

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