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[WIP] TCTOA - The Chaotic Tides Of Agrazoth [FIRST DEMO Released!]

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Greetings everybody, my name is Archanhell, also known as Vermillion and today I want to present all of you a Project on which I have been working not just myself but also my two good friends Gorman Freebmane (At ZDoom Forums) and Bedlam (At Discord).


This is something we've been doing for three months to deliver the best experience to you all, and while right now it's a short Demo regarding the first map, we really hope here that you enjoy it.





"All thee art is a mereth mortal who dared to challengeth a god itself, beyond the human comprehension, far from this realm.
Thee didst a mistaketh coming hither, and all efforts thee do to saveth humanitie from the brink of extinction shall surelie be on vain.


Prepareth, human who calls himself Sigma, the succesor of the Hell Walker, this shall be a rideth thee shall ne'er forget, ento a realm forever forsaken yond ne'er shouldst hast been enterfered with."





After accessing to take a step forward in order to retrieve a Task Force from the Bermuda Triangle, you, a Marine codenamed Sigma, decides to embark into the mythical yet dangerous area known by its plethora of phenomenons.

However in the way to there, the boat you embark in crashes during the night on a mysterious surface, the impact left you unconscious until the next morning.

Waking up on an enigmatic Island, the only choice you are left with is to investigate its surroundings to see what could have been of the Task Force, that until you hear a imposing roar close to you, something far from human and more demonic than anything surprises you.

Armed with nothing but your bare fists, you know something is wrong on this Island, and that will drive our marine Sigma into a ride he will never forget.


[A more descriptive backstory prior to those events can be found on the following link: https://pastebin.com/rreUm7eu ]



Welcome Marine to the Island of Agrazoth found within the dangerous Bermuda Triangle.

This Mod so far has been worked on during the span of three months by three friends deciding to deliver something entertaining for the DooM Community, turning a Fight-Through-Hell experience into a big Fight-Through-Dimensions Eldritch experience, where you will have to explore through various Realms in order to fight the main antagonists' Guardians, stealing their Souls and becoming more powerful on the process!


So far we are planning features such as a Metroidvania-ish/Tactical non-linear exploration, an overall better arsenal and beastiary with no traces of vanilla, a HUB System to explore the aforementioned Realms, shops, powerups, etc!



† Source Engine(s) †

•GZDoom 4.3.0 - 4.3.2

† Gameplay Options †

Freelook, Jumping and Crouching are important in gameplay, thus allowed

† IWAD † 

•DooM II

† Maps †

•1 so far, 30-32 planned divided in five episodes

† Known Bugs †

One on my side regarding broken weapon Slot 1 when doing "give all" on console, please refrain from doing this.

† Rendering Options †

Hardware Rendering - Software Rendering is confirmed to be buggy (Thanks, Plazma!)

† Difficulty Settings †

Up to the date, no settings are added

† Genre / Gameplay Style †

(Meant to be Non-linear) exploration, kind of fast-paced and tactical/stealth on a few areas, be aware of your surroundings!

† Compatibility †

Please refrain from using Gameplay Mods as they will break the game









More Screenshots can be found below!



















Download the first Demo!

[So far we have a short Demo in order to show you what we have on the tray for now, it's a short version of the first map, E1S1.]




(Extract the files on your Launcher such as ZDL, Doom Launcher, etc.)

The file order has to look like this:





We here hope that you really enjoy this Mod and we will await your responses!

(The full Credit list so far can be found here - [ https://pastebin.com/YpRYAZmE ], it will be updated when we add more stuff into the game as needed.)



[HELP WANTED! - Help us with the overall doing of the Project!]

To end, I want to share the following list where you can see which roles we are accepting as help into our team, please ensure to share with me via PMs what you are capable of in your field, and we will most possibly accept you into the Project! (A Discord link will be given to you upon revision of your works!)


=SPRITERS= [Those who are skilled at the art of doing all kind of sprites, from small ambiental props to fearsome monsters that work as nightmare fuel]
Gorman Freebmane [One of the Project Developers]

=MAPPER ASSISTANTS= [Show off your mapping skills to make the mod's maps better gameplay-wise and design-wise along me!]
An Unusually Friendly Zombie

=CODERS= [Lend a hand with the technical field of the Mod, coding will be easier overall for both you and the rest of the coding team!]
Bedlam [One of the Project Developers]

=MUSIC= [Though optional, we will be glad if you share your music skills with us and want to help making original music for the Mod!
P.S: Thanks to BouncyTEM for sharing with us a lot of incredible tracks!]
PRIMEVAL (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt7W_cXl4rhtwKM95xDacDw)

-BouncyTEM's TRIBUTE Playlist! (https://bouncytem.bandcamp.com/album/perdition-a-doom-64-tribute)

=GRAPHIC MAKERS= [You can help with the HUD, Main Menu, TITLEPIC, Credits page, Mod Logo, etc.]

=TESTERS= [Help hunt down bugs, collaborate with the PDA Entries' Lore, record gameplay showcases, etc.]



Edited by Archanhell : Made the thread more readable and visually better.

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Pardon the double post, I wanted to say the main post was now updated to be visually better and more comfortable to see and read, hopefully this is better!

I would also like to say that, if you want to record a gameplay video for this Mod, upon sharing it here I will edit the main post and add a section solely for your videos and see what the community thinks about it, no matter if it's a normal video, a clip, a stream, you can share it!


Once again, here we really hope that you enjoy this 'little something' that we have crafted for you, and we hope to make the end result on the future something that you, the community, can enjoy!

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Hello everyone, It's been a long time since my last post!


I must deeply forgive from my side, as a few months ago I lost a big part of the mapping I had done due to some fiie corruptions, and when I wanted to start again around June 12th, my birthday, my PC died for what.. Fifth time? Sixth time?

Regardless, on my side as the Project's Mastermind I could not do much, and I promise that once I can get back to mapping, I will not let down any of you, the community!


Recently, or rather two months ago, or a bit more probably? Great man and great bud @PRIMEVAL joined our team as musician, and while right now I can not show the music we got so far (I would like all of you to hear it once the real Demo is released), I can show you what we have been doing so far.


Weaponry and Graphics-wise, @GormanFreebmen has done an incredible work remaking the Fists, Colt M1911 .45, the Trench Gun and the HUD (Which is a remake of our friend's @Bedlam_The_Game HUD, thank you both!), the aforementioned bud has also been helping us a lot with coding, experimental stuff and whatnot.


We have also had some amazing tweaks and additions that I will not explain yet, but it will make the gameplay much more 'skillful' and 'intense'! Thanks to our friend Voirussel, who has done an incredible work balancing some stuff here and there, thanks man!



So, I hope all of you can wait some more time, because I promise that once I get back to mapping, and along all the efforts we have been putting into this, we will be sure this "Total Conversion" (On a sense, I think) becomes intense, fun and becomes a change of scenery for all of you, from killing Demons to killing worse stuff, probably!



(Be careful as this shotgun packs a real punch to the face!)


(Good ol' Colt 45!)




(The awesome HUD! - Not in-game as I didn't found a pic with the lastest fists!)













Edited by Archanhell

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This, this is incredible. Sadly, it looks too good to work on my weak computer. I have no idea why anybody would ignore this, it's looks amazing.

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4 hours ago, AtticTelephone said:

This, this is incredible. Sadly, it looks too good to work on my weak computer. I have no idea why anybody would ignore this, it's looks amazing.


I will admit myself, while this may look amazing for you or for me (Even though I myself should not be a judge), this was not a demo but a showcase of the project, and there was stuff here and there which may not have been of interest for others, that's why we are working even harder to make this much better and more enjoyable for the community.


Though I asked myself that too at first, "I wonder why this hasn't gotten much attention posts-wise", but It is better to leave those thoughts aside and work on what you are most passionate for, which is why I am not worrying much right now.


This should run on your computer right now, as the demo does not really have advanced functions (Unlike more extensive mods out there which are still work on progress, such as the incredible Elementalism, or ones like Blade of Agony which proved to be a bit extensive for me time ago)

Thus you should be able to play it for now.


However, I was told the link is down and I think it is because I deleted the file to replace it with a newer version, which I can not upload right now because we want to surprise everyone.

That's why I'm fine this hasn't got much attention, after all I myself am not even that recognizable, you have to start small or big, and I decided to have fun doing something big to learn, experiment and tell a story with my team, no, my friends!


Sorry if I write too much, as a writer I can not stop writing once I begin writing, help me.


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This project looks very good!, I hope to see it soon with more things :p, good luck to you and your whole team!

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32 minutes ago, Gaia74 said:

This project looks very good!, I hope to see it soon with more things :p, good luck to you and your whole team!


Thanks man! I wish you the best of the luck with your mod too, keep it up!

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Seriously, why isn't this wad getting ANY attention? It looks amazing! I know you might not think it matters, but this deserves attention.

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On 7/17/2020 at 5:52 PM, AtticTelephone said:

Seriously, why isn't this wad getting ANY attention? It looks amazing! I know you might not think it matters, but this deserves attention.


Haha, worry not my friend - We will surely spark some of that attention when we can release the actual thing and not the half-made showcase of the first map which was not even the 15% of the real map.

That is, when I recover some of my PC Stuff because it is dying and we do not know if it's even sure, because if it's not uh.. Well then I don't know

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Small Update:

I am currently writing the TCTOA equivalent to the "DooM Bible" - Filled with information ranging from the main story through the main character's info and background, to the UAC branches present so far and I am planning to write stuff regarding items, power-ups (Which I just have one planned for the first episode), some stuff of, well, the first episode, beastiary, weaponry (Without images really but I will compensate for that) and that kind of stuff, it was first going to be something mostly for the team so we could all understand perfectly any concept, character stuff and such but I decided to do it for all of you, the players.


If anyone wants to contribute later on to do the (Future) PDA Lore talking about enemies, weaponry and such then you can help, as far as not only it's appropiate and makes sense for the mod (So we can not have "canon DooM universe" or "fanfiction" things, sorry) and that you can show me your best writing work (Preferably DooM-related but it can be anything, really),.


As well, I may upload the TCTOA Bible on another post when I have at least half of the sections filled, revised, fixed and all that, which will be a preview - And then, I will post the full document and possibly attach it to the main thread.

Any opinions or comments are accepted.


So far we have:


UAC Branches 

Character Information

Episode I Overall Info

The Base Information

I may or not update this thread as the bible is filled.


See you next time!

Edited by Archanhell

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The TCTOA Bible is now half-completed and ready to be published so far for you the players!

So far I have written the sections mentioned on my last thread and I made sure to include any information that could be essential and that later on in the game would solve any doubts regarding the game's overall lore and some concepts or words that appear here and there ocassionally.

I will answer any question regarding the Bible, the character and other things of the mod's universe even if I have not released the demo yet, however questions that can be considered highly spoilerish will be either tagged respectively or omitted, depending on how much it can affect.


I also accept any opinions from the forum's writers and how to make the bible look better grammar-wise or similarly, and because this is a Word Document and not something fancy I can not do much more like, for example, what Ascension 1.1 or other mod's manuals do!

Still, I hope that you enjoy reading what I got so far as much as I loved writing it!


The TCTOA Bible.zip

(And yes, I had to turn this into a zip because Doomworld does not allow attaching the document itself, I hope it is not a bother!)



Also, take this incredible weapon made by @GormanFreebmen which will be pretty much the Plasma Rifle for TCTOA!



Edited by Archanhell : "prett" much

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Hello everyone! I hope you have been doing very well those weeks - I myself have been working on some mapping stuff for other game, pixel art and the TCTOA Bible whose Bestiary and Armoury are fully done (So far) right now.


My friend @GormanFreebmen has been working on a lot of new models as of lately, and I am happy to show you all the progress he has been doing so far!

Those models are pretty incredible and I myself love how they look! What do you think?



The new M1911 model with new hands!



Small and bubbly, but those potions will heal two points per pickup instead of vanilla's one point!



Those armor shards will replace the Spiritual Helmets! (I never found the sense to those helmets sincerely, hehe)

They will restore you 2% of your Armor per use - though this probably will change and keep being the usual 1%.



And this is a WIP Armour for the game!

The Green Armor (The name is on a file of my PC, so I can not tell its real name right now) will not give you 100% Armor, but 75%.

The reasoning behind this is the fact Armours will protect you a bit 'more', as it will reduce damage taken by certain damage types, on this case being Physical/Bullet damage. (I was still working on this because I feel I did not do it right haha)

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18 minutes ago, terrcraftguy695 said:

Looks good.


Thank you bud! We are giving our best effort to make this something great and enjoyable! 

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Small Update.

Soooo, I have been kind of busy with other things (Creative stuff, mostly) and I have not continued the bible beyond the Armoury (Mostly, because the next section is regarding Power Ups and Items.

I have some to write about, but I don't know if it's enough, but seeing I have the metroidvania-ish powerup, the vanilla-like ones, along some items and armour, I may write about it soon or later) so the Bible is right now on a small Hiatus.



Now, the most important thing here is the current status of my PC.

Supposedly, the Motherboard does not power on (Is that how you spell it?) and the Power Supply Unit exploded or something (I do not think it exploded though), thus basically delaying even more the repairs of it sadly, and I do not know if I can recover documents, images and other stuff.


Those documents include DooM mods, DooM stuff and resources for my mod, thankfully a good quantity of those resources were old and are replaced with the much better, higher quality stuff that we have been doing, item and weapon-wise, and thus it may not be a great deal on that regard, but the rest of things I mentioned are very important on my life and I WANT to recover them somehow, thus if anyone here knows about that kind of stuff, I'll be happy to hear. (Those documents, images, etc were on the faulty HDD and thus I do not know if you can recover them, I heard it burnt or something?)


Overall, I hope that you can still give us, and I, some more time, this project was supposed to be delivered around September or something for the demo, but all those circumstances are delaying it way more than I expected for a project that begun on 2019.

Nevertheless, the quality that we have been doing is shown here, and we progress more and more despite all those bad events, we will stay firm and not sink, so please bear a bit more.


Thanks and stay safe.

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Hello everyone, it is been almost 6 full months since TCTOA stopped developing mapping-wise, but we continued development on other fields, mostly weapon models and preparations.

It has also been like 2 months since my last post here, which maybe has not been much for you, but for me it is.


The reason I post this today, is because I am saddened to communicate that, now that my PC has been repaired... Nothing was recovered, nothing from the most recent disk nor from the old disk from about seven months ago or something, except an old Games folder.

What does this mean?


No, TCTOA is NOT dead, not until I completely give up, but if my friends who have been with me has not given up, neither I will.

However, until we can try and find someone who can give us a last hope with this, TCTOA will be on an indefinite hiatus still.


I will not map, code or anything, not until I feel I am "fully" settled and ready, but my love for DooM is still there, alive and well, therefore I will continue playing for a loooong time still, just... Not doing the aforementioned.

I am deeply sorry towards everyone who had expectations of this mod, this is not my friends' fault but mine, because I never did a full backup of all my stuff, on a USB nor on the Cloud, I just did not - and I fully regret every day.


I will post again when I feel like it, hopefully I will still be on Doomworld posting semi-actively like months ago.

Take care, and, again, I hope you can forgive my stupidity.

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Sup everyone, how is it been?

Yeah this mod is dead as hell since I returned with my PC back on December, there HAS been some progress here and there with models and the gunplay visual-wise, not much but it still is really cool to see!


So, Easter Week begins on almost 2 weeks for me, it will just be 2 weeks of holidays, but I will use them weeks to download UDB, Slade3, get some missing resources downloaded and try to map a bit for TCTOA, also have some organization and all.

I doubt it will be much, and honestly there is still this "invisible force" that restrains me from doing the stuff that I like, since my PC was formatted last time, it sucks because I lost a lot of stuff, however, the resources I had before reformatting WERE going to be replaced as they were merely placeholders, currently, we have original stuff mostly, on a way at least, if not, stuff balanced and credited as due for the mod based around the game's mechanics.


I know this is technically "my" thread as it is our team's mod, but I am both sorry for the "necro" posting? and not being able to show anything, again, TCTOA is not dead and I have been wanting to work on it since my PC returned, so hopefully this Easter Week will give me some energy, motivation and lastly temporarily kill this invisible force restraining me from doing what I like.


See you sometime soon maybe!

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About one week is left to start working on things if everything goes well, because I feel this last week will be hell, but I will do my best to endure it!


So, I come mostly to talk a few things about TCTOA, mostly one than other mechanic or core idea that will give an idea of how the gameplay and mod is meant to be.

Do not take all of this seriously as, again, they are ideas and some stuff may change later on on development, but the things that can be considered core will for sure stay as it is.


•TCTOA is meant to be a pseudo Total Conversion - It has brand new models and sprites for some stuff so far, mostly weapons and items, enemies are still vanillaish up to an extent and textures are from OTEX (Except a few old/new textures that our friend did).

The mod overall feels like DooM but at the same time, it is something "completely new", you could say it as that - The lore is an alternative history of DooM II set after the defeat of the Icon of Sin, with topics basing around Earth rebuilding, chaos, anarcy, emerging cults, etc.


•Random damage was removed completely since the alpha and it has stayed so far as that up to the last build from months ago, which makes the gameplay more fluid and removes any unfairness that can come from monsters' RNG (Instead of an enemy being able to do from 12-48 damage, for example, they would do an average value, like 24).

This applies equally for the player with their weapons, so both parties are equal, adding a faster pace to the game, kind of.


•Weapons have 'recoil' and some visual effects, along bullet dropoff which affects the overall damage of the weapon, the same applies for firearm enemies kind of - Firearm-wielding enemies use a relatively simple system (tic delays) to "aim" their gun before firing, giving the player a chance to counterattack while they are vulnerable.


•The world will be divided into episodes through a Hub, and I want to make it feel non-linear up to an extent, which is why I have friends for the mapping area, before, I was doing it all alone, so hopefully once I am back I can settle this.


•Powerups a la Metroidvania.


•Guns have altfires, and some guns will have other certain functions.


I will edit this message with any other idea that is settled, but I want to say this beforehand so people can grasp an idea of the mod, however, the final result will show just how good can the product be for the player through their personal experience.

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Hello everyone!

I am finally on holidays, so TCTOA will return from its hiatus during 2 weeks starting from tomorrow.

For now, I will be aiming to complete not the first episode but the first level which is E1S1 (Episode 1 Stage 1), improving it from last time with new resources, tweaks here and there based upon feedback and a plethora more of things!


We will not add new weapons aside one 'iconic' weapon, you could say it like that, and two new enemies. (Technically three, considering one of them was not in the demo), so expect something cool, I will try my best to get this done for all of you with my friends!


For now, I will tease with one of the three enemies that will be added in - Do not worry for it, not really a spoiler!


This is TCTOA's Lost Soul (Whose name will be changed to fit more with TCTOA's style), do you wonder how it will play in-game?

Well, for sure I, or rather, we, seek to improve the functionality of vanilla Lost Souls while still adding the challenging style that is within TCTOA's enemies to balance the gunplay and all!

This boy will not be too difficult once you get the grasp of it, and if I can, I may post some showcase of it later on.. ..if I learn how to make GIFs.



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Just now, WaterMelon666 said:

I think it's a good idea, maybe original, keep it under development

Thank you very much!

We are currently resuming the mapping process and the overall layout for the left major area is going good so far while the Forsaken Spirit (Lost Soul of the mod) is 90% done, just one more thing left and it will be complete, may even record a gif or video to show how it works, though it is not that fancy.

There are many improvements to do on the map that will hopefully be done, and a few stuff on the weapons to do, including new models!

So far, the replaced weapons are Machete and Fists+Kick, later on we will replace the Colt45 and Trench Gun's models!

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