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Taw Tu'lki

Jojo reference in Wolfenstein 3D

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Hello everybody. I congratulate everyone girls and women on March 8.

I know that most of you are tired about this anime and manga. But...

In wintertime I watched all series of JJBA. And 2-nd part of 1st season caught my attention.

Because some of things from that brought be thing about Wolfenstein 3D.

For example.

Stroheim with his chaingun on his stomach reminds me Ubermutant from Spear Of Destiny







Also his haircut brought me thing about Hans Grosse



What about Joseph himself?


Yeah, in some things he reminds me William BJ Blazkowicz. In some cover arts.






Why I'm writing this?

Because Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency is the first manga about nacizm and demons (it was published from 1987 to 1989). And Wolfenstein 3D (it was published in 1992) - the first game about nacizm and demons.

Is it possible that John Carmack, John Romero and Tom Hall were inspired by this manga? Or maybe this is a coincidence?

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What is it with people and this Jojo thing?


Anyway, if this is a serious post and not some joke, Wolfenstein 3-D was inspired primarily off of Castle Wolfenstein, a much earlier (as early as 1981 for the Apple II version, apparently) game about infiltrating a castle full of Nazis.  Saying Wolfenstein 3-D is the first game to deal with the theme of WWII and Nazism is like that moronic sociology textbook I had once that said Lara Croft was the first female video game protagonist.


Could id have been inspired by other stuff in addition?  I'm sure, Wolf 3-D deviates a fair bit from the mold of the original Wolfenstein, but I highly doubt anime and manga were that big of a thing back then to have been on their radar.  Indiana Jones might be more likely for the inclusion of supernatural stuff.

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That Nazi Pulp stuff is far older than video games and animes itself, be it nazis in comics in the 30s, nazi exploitation movies like Ilsa, or the gulag-porn from Israel from the 60ies.

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Posted (edited)
46 minutes ago, ETTiNGRiNDER said:

Indiana Jones might be more likely for the inclusion of supernatural stuff.


Yeah I think its most likely to be influence from Raiders of the Lost Ark, they probably saw that movie and might have been influenced to do something like it in Wolfenstein 3D just with a more direct, violent edge. And of course, the concept of Nazi-ism and the occult is nothing new, I mean there's even a historical basis, the Thule Society did exist. 

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1992 would be long before Jojo or Anime in general really caught on with western audiences. I kinda doubt anyone at Id Software knew the first thing about Jojo (at the time) because it was next to impossible to obtain any Manga in the early 90s if you were in the US. Wolfenstein 3d got most of its inspiration from the Pulp Scifi Comics and film serials from the 30s and 40s about Nazi Mad Science experiments that turn on their creators and weird experiments with the Occult. Indiana Jones was inspired by those same comics, and so was Battle Tendency, so if there's any similarities, it would probably be because they're all similar works with a similar premise, that derived a lot of their visual themes from the same place. So, nothing more than a coincidence, in other words.

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Wikipedia's article on Jojo was created in 2002, I think we can admit that anything made outside of Japan a decade before cannot, therefore, have been influenced by JoJo. And it'd take another decade for an animated series to be produced, introducing it truly into general pop-culture.

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