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WADs In Progress Down - Could it Come Back?

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Just recently, I had noticed that the WIP website is no longer active.  By chance, does anyone know if the site is permanently down or just temporarily offline for maintenance?



Thank you for your time.



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Apparently the server it was running on was replaced, which came with a IP address change, so it's pointing to the wrong address now. But even if you access it using the correct IP it doesn't work (HTTP 500 status code IIRC), I assume it's because it was writting for an damn old PHP version and just doesn't work with new ones. It's crap by today's standards anyway, and I think nobody used it anymore anyways. So it's down for good.

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I miss seeing and leaving reviews on freshly uploaded files, plus there’s been so much great stuff in 2018, 2019 and 2020 now that I’d love to go and give 5 star ratings to. I’ll be so damn happy when everything is synced back up and ready again!

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