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Status of the TeamTNT

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The site of the team has been closed down (for good IMO), thankfully it's now being preserved by DW admins - partly. The last post relating to TeamTNT is the announcement of the 7-map demo of Eternal Doom 4. 

Some TeamTNT members are still active on this very site - namely NiGHTMARE and skillsaw.


Overall I'll say that TeamTNT is physically dead, but it lives on spiritually.

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Jeremy Doyle is still active, and I believe Sverre Kvernmo is too. It looks like Jeremy Wagner has returned as well judging by his DoomWiki page. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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I'm pretty sure Team TNT has been defunct for a long time now. Ty was pretty active as the archive maintainer, but I don't think he was actively running any projects since Eternal Doom IV. Progress on that project probably came to an end with Espi's declining health. There are plenty of people around here who were part of Team TNT as some point, but I don't think there even was an active team by the time 2010 rolled around.

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