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haruko haruhara

Monster horde randomizer in beta 2

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If you are wondering  about my monster horde project co-op I had cancelled that due to many errors but I hope this won't be in the garbage as well I mean by cancelled plus whats makes this randomizer very special 

An very unique I will ask it has alot of monsters that people don't hardly ever use in a randomizer like the



Thamuz annihilator


As for a example once you start playing it may suck I will explain some of the weapons won't Spawn out of monsters

All zombie man don't have that function yet so this may be a very hard randomizer due to most of the weapons won't Spawn plus don't complain at me for almost all realm667

Guns guns are much  more hardder to find then monsters but about the credits I will update the credits over time I don't have all the free time in the world to make credits atm but the monsters are very unique and interesting 



Here is the download link plus a video







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